Hello, New to the game and have a few questions

Greetings wastelanders

My Friend and I picked up the game and some kits this past weekend and finally got a chance to play for the first time today. We did the Red Rocket Scenario, I was the mutants he was the settlers. In the end I won but that brought up some questions that were not covered in the rule book.

First question is about the height of models we used the Red rocket model from the Red Rocket Gas station Scenery kit as the model for the rocket in the scenario. I had range on the rocket so started shooting it as I’m guessing it was a huge object so Cover rules did not apply we are wondering if we went about this the right way. How do you determine If a model is big enough that the Line of Cover does not affect it ?

The other question we had is can this be played with more than just 2 people ?

If so how has some gone about it ?

any answers would be appreciated will be posing more as we try and play other scenarios or make our own.

I’d like an official answer to this as well. However for now I apply the rule that if a piece of scenery can cover about 25% of the model the model can use that for cover if it is within line of cover as described by the rules. This 25% is due the character the model represents not sitting still and actively trying not to get shot. However for an inanimate object like the rocket I don’t think that applies and should not get cover.

The game is easily adapted to be played by multiple players, however at the moment you would have to create your own scenarios for this. Like for instance multiple factions going for one or multiple objectives on the map using a clockwise player turn system starting with the player who has the least models each round.

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Thanks for the pointers Ill talk with my friend and see if he agrees and we will go from there. Another question, Is there any way to get other terrain mats ? are they included in different scenery sets ? I really like the rubber play mat that came with the red rocket set, I’d like to know if I can get more ? .

thanks again .

Many other companies make plenty of gaming mats in different sizes. Gamemat.eu is one that comes to mind, but there are many more.


Battle systems make the mat included in the Red Rocket set and have 2 other post apocalypse mats on their site aimed at the 28 - 32mm market not sure how good they are for Fallout but cheap at £15,
hope this helps


As everyone has different amounts and types of terrain, rather than try to set exact rules for what counts as cover and LoS, players determine that at the start of a game and then use the cover and LoS rules accordingly. So, ruling the rocket was big enough to be hit and ignore cover is fine. (When it comes to models, models with bases of 60mm diameter or wider block Line of Sight for any smaller models (as well as impeding movement as usual. Enemy models count as cover regardless of size.)

You certainly can play with more than 2 people. We’ve often played games with 2 players on each side, 2 v 1, as well as 2 v AI. If you want to play with multiple people on a team, check out the free Co-op Handbook which adds some extra rules for when playing as a team, which can be downloaded from the Modiphius website in the Fallout Downloads area. (It also has some scenarios specifically for 2 players versus the AI.) If you want to play with more than 2 sides (i.e. 1 v 1 v 1), you can do that too and just need to set the scenario for it.

Note that with more than 2 sides, you’ll need a rule for determining play order - I suggest the player with the fewest models gets the Advantage Marker and they choose the player order for that turn (in the same way in a two-player game the player with the fewest models gets the Advantage Marker and they choose which player goes first). If players are tied for number of models, the advantage marker will not remain with the player who had it last round. If there is still a tie, flip it and give it to who it points nearest to out of the tied players. For example, at the start of the round, player A has 6 models, B has 5 and C has 5. The turn order last round (decided by player B who had the Advantage Marker was C then A then B). Players B and C are tied for fewest models so the Advantage Marker goes to player C as it can not remain with B as the had the Advantage Marker last round. So, C receives the Advantage Marker and chooses the order for the new round.