Brand new to the game and trying to work some things out (just played Tutorial Scenario 2)

Hi all,

I have had the 2 player starter set for a day or so now and have been reading the rules and fiddling with the tutorial scenarios. I come from a Warhammer background so I’m not new to tabletop wargames and I am loving the implementation of this game. The ways in which it represents the Fallout world are really nice and do a great job of bringing the theme to life.

Since I am brand new to the forums it is only appropriate that I ask a bunch of questions which are probably already covered elsewhere :laughing: I had a quick look and couldn’t find answers.

I have a number of questions about gameplay but they can wait because I haven’t finished reading the rulebook and there;s a good chance they will be answered when I do. The following questions are on a more practical level:

Models: Scenario 2 wants me to use 3 super mutants and a brute. There aren’t enough in the core set so I am immediately using something as a proxy. Not a big deal at all but it seems weird. Have I missed something obvious?

Items: Scenario 2 wants me to build a Wasteland Deck which includes the Board and the Sledgehammer cards in the wasteland deck but I need both cards for reference as the super mutant and the brute are equipped with them. I ended up taking a photo of the cards and using them for reference while the actual cards were still hidden in the deck but it was quite confusing.

Keeping track of found items: The survivors have two of the same model (Settler) and the super mutants have 3. As soon as they started picking up items it became tricky to keep track of who was holding what. I’m sure I can think of some way to keep track (numbering the models and having a numbered space with the unit cards for the items held by each model) but I’m curious to know what others have come up with to deal with this. This is going to become a bigger issue when I reach the stage of having buffs and armour cards which are designed to sit under the unit’s card. When I have one card representing multiple models I’m going to get confused.

The simple answer to most of this is to have duplicate cards, enough for one per model, but I can’t find anywhere to obtain them. I’d rather buy genuine cards than any other option (cough cough photocopier) but can’t work out how to get the specific cards I will need without spending a lot on unnecessary duplication. Is there somewhere I can go to buy just the cards I need? Do the expansion model sets come with cards?

Thanks everyone for any help and advice you can offer.

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Welcome to the forums!

For your first question, that does seem a bit odd. Personally I’d swap out one of the mutants for a mutant hound, but of course that might change the balance of the scenario.

All of the cards are available as PDFs for free on the modiphius website, here :slight_smile:

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Check errata!

p.45: Scenario: ‘Fort Davis’The second line of the Super Mutant forces in Fort Davis:

‘Brute with Sledgehammer’
should read
‘Two Mutant Hounds with Hound Bite’.

So, the full force for SM is 3 Super Mutants (the player uses all the SM models and the plain SM Unit card) plus 2 Mutant Hounds.

Also, when creating the Wasteland Deck, ignore adding the Sledgehammer and Board, and add the Laser Rifle and the Economy Wonderglue instead.

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That’s almost exactly what I did. I used a mutant hound as a proxy for a super mutant since the bases are the same diameter.

Thanks for the link to the cards. That’s exactly what I needed. I can put the official card in the Wasteland Deck where it won’t stand out and can use the others for reference. You have basically sorted out all my problems :smiley:

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Thanks Kutunluu,
Interesting. The Super Mutants totally demolished the Survivors when I played this last night but the Brute did a lot of the heavy lifting. I may play again just to see what difference this makes to the balance :smiley:

Well, seems you’ve got answers to the 1st and 2nd issues… Probably goes without saying but there’s a ton of great info and resources in the downloads; if you have a little time I’d download and read (and maybe print) them all to improve and expand your game.

As far as tracking individuals that use the same card, my method is to use numbered counters (there’s plenty in the box or make your own) placed on my table under the card to track individual stats like damage and items carried. If you are using AI rules, as many of us are in the current world, you’ll have them numbered anyway for activation so this can coincide. Other people may have ideas, I’m curious to see what they suggest!

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Hi there,
This is very much what I am planning on doing.

I have solved many of the issues on my favourite way, by throwing money at the problem. I have a Survivors core set and a Super Mutants core set on their way to me in the post as I write. I will print out the downloadable card sets enough times to have one card per model, instead of one per model type.

Thanks everyone for the help and for making me feel welcome :smile:

Hi @Candyman. I am also new here, seems like a great community. In relation to your issue with tracking items and multiple models with the same cards, I was having the same issue. I am completely new to TT war gaming so it was all a bit overwhelming! I seen on FWW facebook group a week or two ago that there is now an app to track battles (and even includes the tutorial scenarios). I downloaded it and it has made learning the rules so much easier for me as I am spending less time trying to keep track of who has what items and damage etc. I’d highly recommend checking it out on the app store.

Hi @skip. Thanks for the heads up. I have downloaded the app but not really played around with it much at the moment. My solution was a bit more low rent in the end.

I have masking tape on the base of the models with a number written on it. I then have a second bit of masking tape on the table either side of the unit card, with the various items laid down below the card. This gives me two columns where I can lay out counter tokens matching the number of items each model has and keeping track of their individual usage.
It’s not pretty, but it works :smiley:


There are a few issues with scenario 2, but they are covered by the errata as others have pointed out. Note that the errata and FAQs for this game are very good and they tend to be uploaded and checked regularly, so it’s a really handy first port of call if something feels strange during any game :slight_smile:.

I played Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 for decades, and, in the case of the latter, from its first edition, but I gave up a few years ago. Fallout Wasteland Warfare is, in my opinion, far superior to any set of rules that GW has designed for a tabletop wargame. It is much faster to play and, generally, it is easy to keep track of things without much difficulty because of the counter system.

For the issue that you highlight though, my suggestion would be to have numbering system whereby you assign Super Mutants and Settlers a number and place their items next to that that number at the side of the table. You can write the number on a piece of paper, indicate the number using some of the counters provided (either with that number or just have a number of counters equivalent to that number). It saves using tape. Also, given that the models in the starter set are all different, it is easy to remember which model is assigned to which number in my experience.

The main thing is that regardless of how you do it, so long as the system works and is clear, there should be no issues.

Hi Irisado. Thanks for the ideas. I did almost exactly this, giving each model a number and then using the count tokens to keep track of how many of each item the different models had.

Regarding Warhammer. I think that it and Wasteland Warfare are very different beasts and there is plenty of room on my shelf for both of them. WW is more comparable in scale to Warhammer Kill Team because it’s more about skirmishing than all out warfare. I prefer greatly to Kill Team because the rules just feel… nice. On each occasion they just fall in the way that makes most sense and the dice system is nicely done. Modiphius have done an amazing job of capturing the tone of the Fallout universe in every aspect of the game.

I’m really impressed with their minis as well. The core box is decent but the resin minis in the starter sets are just beautiful.