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Some questions about the rules and card updates

Hi there, I have some questions about the rules of the game, and some questions about the cards/unit and the App. I’ll keep posting if I remember more:

1: When I use Suicider in the App, it appears with rating 2,2,X, and 9 health, but in the last card update it is 1,1,X and 8 heatlh, what Suicider is updated?

2: When you use some area damage with melee, like Behemoth or an special Young deathclaw’s swipe, it is like an orange blast radius, do you use a diameter from the model’s base? do you count it from the center? is it 360 degrees? does it count from above like a detonation?

3:If you use Lone wanderer perk, and you have friendly models in presence range, but blocking LoS with big covers or something like that, is the “presence” working with the LoS blocking or presence counts from above and cannot be blocked?

4: If you fail a close combat attack with an X die, do you get the free sliding movement?

5: With the last update, when you use Survivor faction and leader, do you only get 1 armor token on unique models and 0 on normal models? You cannot use more than 1 strong armor bonus from any source, so the maximum strong armor bonus in ANY case would be 1?

6:In settlement mode, can you use armor/weapon mods in different weapons from a multiple-unit card, with only 1 armor/weapon mod?

7:In settlement mode, if you get an structure in step 2, could you use it for drawing cards?

8:In settement mode, when you use standard equipment from AI cards, if you decide not to use some weapons or anything, could you sell them? do you get back to the pool all the standard equipment (retained?) as stuff you could sell?

9:In campaing, when a player gets priority for the next scenario, is it only a matter of who begins the deployment? or gets the advantage marker? both?

10:When turrets use reactions tokens, they get -2 to their skill?

11:If I use Survivors, could I use Codsworth without having my leader with Robot controller perk? Its unit card doesnt say anything about Survivors on the title…

12:When a boost card says you can change the die’s symbols, could you chose any player?

13:Is Mutant hound fiend 1,1,X or 1,1,1? do you get an extra black die from its strentgh when it bites?

14:If you use Look out! ability form Dogmeat guard dog, do you get all the consequences (like stun, injured…) from the attack, or just the damage to roll the red die? If it is a blast radius damage, and the measurement is different from its position to calculate damage (like suiciders), do you get the damage from the range of the “helped” model?

15:When you charge a model wich is engaged, and you win the battlecry, and push back that model, do the other model gets a free attack for that?

16:When you use Cait in the App, it says Psycho for 0 cost, but in the AI card it says Mentats, and you cannot put in with 0 cost, is it fine the AI card or the App?

17:If you put in Sturges, when you create your force, you draw 3 mods and keep/put in 2 mods, the 2 mods are free, dont?

18:When Suicider detonates, do you count the diameter from the explosion from Suicider’s center? And it doesn’t have melee skill, cannot they use improvised weapon?

19:In General Atomics Facility scenario, my partner (Super Mutants) says he can destroy computers with detonation damage (with suiciders), not attacking, but exploding near the computer, wich is near a model, before passing the INT test, could it be?

20:When you use the cooking station in settlement mode, and you have a crop field, do you have to take the first alcohol card? I mean, do you chose between a deck of food, and a deck of alcohol? or do you mix the cards and get the first food/alcohol card?

Thanks in advance


I can’t answer questions about the app, but I can answer the others.

  1. Area damage is diameter. This and other aspects of area effect damage are explained on p.46 of Rules of Play. Area damage is the only diameter measurement in the game - everything else is a distance (so is a radius).

  2. Aura abilities require LoS. This was added in the Errata.

  3. Yes. The model still performed a close combat attack (even though they did not hit) so are still actively involved in fighting so get to move around as a result.

  4. That’s right.

  5. I’m not sure I understand this question. Could you explain it a bit further?

  6. You build structures in Step 1 so any newly built structures can be used to draw cards in step 2. Once you are in Step 2 though, you cannot build new structures.

  7. No. Standard equipment purely shows what Items a model has available to them to use - they can be equipped with any of those Items or something else from your card pool. WHatever they are equipped with is part of total points for your force. After a scenario, each model’s Standard Equipment Items are discarded before anything is then sold for caps. (Therefore, you can only sell off Items gained during a scenario.)

  8. It determines who starts with the Advantage Marker, and that might determine who sets-up first depending on the scenario’s set-up.

  9. Yes. (The turrets could have had a lower skill value without the penalty, but having the penalty means the rules for Reactons are the same for all models, i.e. no special rule to remember for turrets.)

  10. Yes. A force can contain robots if you want. The Robot Controller Leader is only needed if you want a whole force of robots (excluding the Leader) and to use the extra abilities the Robot Contoller can use (perks) and can add to their robots (mods). (If playing Battle Mode, then a force can only contain what is specifically written on the force lists.)

  11. No - just your own (unless it specifically states it can affect an opponent). That’s something that needs clarifying in the rules.

  12. Mutant Hound Fiend’s armor is 1,1,X. Yes, it gets a black dice for bite as it’s a melee weapon.

  13. Yes, Dogmeat Guard Dog suffers the entire attack that would have been suffered by the original target including any effects (and so is calculated based on the original target’s location too). It’s as if Dogmeat has momentarily jumped in the way of the attack.

  14. The bottom of p.36 of Rules of Play says ‘Push Back does not allow a free attack on a model being pushed out of base-to-base contact.’ so the other models do not get a free attack.

  15. Yes - they are built-into the cost of Sturges.

  16. As mentioned above, area effect is diameter. With no Close Combat skill, Skirmishers cannot use Improvised Weapon.

  17. If SMs can damage computers at that point of the scenario, then yes area damage will affect the computers. If SMs have not yet worked out that the computers are the opponent’s goal, then the damage does not affect the computers. (Whilst that the context of that is a bit strange context, it is needed for balance so SM players don’t actively try destroying terminals because they as a player know that will work when their SMs would not know.)

  18. The Item cards should all be combined (rather than separate decks), so you draw Item cards until you get the first food/drink or alcohol.

Hope that helps,



Thank you for the answers
The sixth question is about the quantity of mods item cards you should have before attach to the weapons/armor cards, I mean, if I get a melee mod card, and I have just one melee mod card, could I pay the cap cost of 10 of that melee mod card to attach them to all my melee weapons?
Because I don’t know that with mods, I know you can use a weapon, just having one item card, to equip a multiple model unit, paying their caps costs, but is it the same with mods??
In the seventh question, the thing is you could get, with Merchant Caravan, a new structure for free, so the question was just if you could use it because you are in Step 2 or need to wait for the next battle.
With the 11th question, is it the same for creatures? Could a SM force have some ghouls/deathclaw without creature controller? or behemoth?
About the 13th question, I have seen this in the last update, in the errata list 2.0 (DEC 2019), inside the Unit paragraph, with the Mama Murphy inmunity to battlecry added, X6-88 Courser radiation rating changed… It says, Mutant Hound Fiend ladder icon removed, and Radiation armor changed from X to 1, it sounds strange

Hi. Thanks for the info - I shall have a look at it later. I just wanted to let you know I updated the answer to question 3 as I realised this was altered in in the errata.

Glad someone more knowledgeable replied, was gonna take a swing at some myself :smiley:

There’s a separate thread for the app, and the dev monitors it and responds pretty quickly if yer still curious

Yes, but the question was that, I knew aura abilities need LoS for other models take them, but Lone Wanderer perk don’t say anything about you get an aura ability, just presence range, so… Is it the same thing for range calculation? LoS matters? Or can you block LoS with friendly models and get the perk active?

Also, talking about aura abilities, is Captain Kells getting himself the tokens? (the rule says that models with aura abilities get the bonuses if they don’t say “other models”, and in this case it says: up to 3 ready models) Could you get both (green and yellow) tokens in different rounds keeping one in the first round? Is it the same rule as charging tokens (you lose the tokens if you don’t attack) or could you take 1 for using it in the next round?

I’ve been playing today with my friend and he just put in a behemoth for the police station defense scenario and won very easily.
He deployed, and made 2 moves, 2nd round a move and a charge, battlecry and push back, and 3rd round is touching the control point marker. He passed through terrains and covers without any problem, and through smaller un-friendly bases (turrets included)… And he doesn’t matter being engaged and get hit.
Am I missing anything here???:thinking:

I don’t have the card for the Behemoth, but unless it’s immune to stun this may be your best bet to slow this monster down…that or a barrage of glass cannons since its not stopping to fight

It’s not inmune, but playing settlement mode, with my leader alive from the previous battle, at 500 caps…
I had huntman perk, but no luck… :sweat_smile: I don’t have any stun stuff yet.
We hadn’t enough time so I couldn’t look for all AI cards one by one looking for someone who could stun the behemoth, I don’t know if Survivors/BoS have someone to stun enemies as standard equipment.
You said glass cannons, did you mean Gauss?

Ah, I see. Unless stated otherwise, Presence does not require LoS.

The rules for the bonus dice tokens are in the Errata/FAQ which say: A model with an Effect Dice token can discard the token to add 1 Effect Dice of the colour matching the token to any Skill Roll (unless there were restrictions on its use when it was gained, i.e. the Effect Dice token from a Charge Bonus has specific restrictions on its use or gets discarded). Any number of tokens can be used on a single Skill Test; however, the total Effect Dice rolled (after any Effect Dice tokens have been used) still needs to be within the maximum number of Effect Dice allowed for any skill test (described in this FAQ).

These tokens are not lost if not used on the next action - that’s just for the Charge Bonus. A model cannot gain a green or yellow token from this ability if they already have any yellow or green token. A model would need to use all yellow and green tokens they hold before they could gain a new yellow or green token from Kells’ ability.

Rules as written does currently allow Kells to gain one as you mention but it’s not intended that way. Kells’ ability is intended to give the tokens to other models. I’ll add a note to fix that in the next revisions.

Using a single card for a Unit of models is just a way to reduce the number of cards required on the table so they represent multiple items. You would need to pay for each wepaon that has a mod adedd.
For example, if you have a Unit of 3 models with a 10mm Pistol card you must pay for 3 10mm Pistols. If you add a Mod to their 10mm Pistols, then you need to pay for 3 of those Mods (one per weapon).

That’s a good question and not covered in the FAQ or rules. I’ll get that added in the next round of updates. The answer for now is you gain the structure immediately so you could use it in Step 2. (This answer may change when officially added to the FAQ.)

Creatures in a force are a bit different to Robots. The Errata updated the Creature rules to say ‘Only Creatures with a named faction on their Unit card that match the Leader’s faction can be used in your force (unless players agree otherwise).’’ Page 26 of the Campaign Handbook reminds that players can add creatures to their force if their opponent is okay with it.

I’m looking at the same Errata PDF and the Mutant Hound Fiend entry doesn’t mention an armor change. X6-88’s entry is the only one that mentions the armor change.

I don’t know how, but I have one that says armor 1 (with the new reference update)

I just looked at the latest FAQ PDF and you’re right. (I was looking at the previous version.) I dont know how that has been added to Mutant Hound Fiend when the FAQ PDF was updated. I’ll tell the team.

Ok, thank you very much for the answers, maybe I’ll be here with more questions soon, I’m going to play Demolition scenario :sweat_smile:

I have encounter another situation, if I use Huntsman perk with a model using laser rifle, or another kind of weapon with special effects on the blue die result, could I get the blue die with the others (rolling 2 blue dices) and count the result of both dices for huntsman and the special effect of laser rifle? could you anyway have 2 legs/arms injured like in the game? stacking 2 penalties?

Hi again, after playing Demolition scenario, with the updated rules, I have some questions (sorry if I have problems with the language, I’m spanish):
If I announce the detonation in round 3, is it happening at the end of round 4, right?
About the deployment, Red player puts models first, one by one, passing turns with Blue player, one by one, is it right? Because my opponent just put some suiciders at yellow of my models (because scenario rules say that, you can put a model everywhere at a time, at least at yellow range), and the chaos was already done, because he had the advantage marker…:expressionless:

Sorry, your posts are quite fluent, I didn’t realize there was a language barrier…

“Glass cannon” is gamer slang for units that hit hard but can’t take much damage. Minute men with gauss rifles would be an example, but I’m sure there are other options for “dish it out, but can’t take it” units

Hi there, I have a problem with this circunstance, my friend and me left the game when the card came up, just because I think it is very unbalanced.
He said, with Eerie mist event card active (all attacks that are not (knife icon) attack suffer -2 penalty), that he could make a close combat action with supermutants using a ranged weapon, and getting just the -2 penalty from the ranged weapon in CC, not the penalty from the event card because he was using melee skill to calculate the skill test, so the card does not affect him, but my ranged weapons at CC get -2 penalty from the card and the ranged weapon in CC, so -4… Is he right? Could you even get a penalty from the mist in CC? Could you stack the penalties?

Hi again, apart of the previous questions, I would like to know how Mama Murphy and Laser Rifle work (resolving the steps):
1:With Mama Murphy, in wich step you should announce or resolve the roll for your reaction token? I mean, for example, 1º) B has a reaction token, 2º) A does something, 3º) should B announce here if he is going to use the token? If B does that, does he roll the dies or just announce using the token? Could he wait for his opponent resolves the skill roll? Should B roll before A?
2:With Laser Rifle damage (or similar “ignore armor damage”), when a player rolls the armor die, wich damage is ignored? For example, I’m doing 3 damage with Laser Rifle, and my opponent rolls 2 (and he has 2 in his energetic armor rating), does he take 1 damage, or 2 damage because you bypass 1 after the armor roll? In wich step do you apply the ignore damage ability?


@DK-dark I’m not confident enough to try to answer
Question 1 with certainty, but I think I can help on question 2.

Any damage dealt that ignores armor does exactly that and is applied immediately; the model then rolls armor against any remaining normal damage from the attack.
So in your example, of the 3 damage dealt, one pt ignores armor and is applied to the model. That leaves 2 damage to defend with 2 energy armor; rolling a 2 as stated it blocks both points of damage. Thud it would take a net damage of 1 pt from the attack (1 bypass + 0 normal)