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New player with a couple of rules queries?

Hi new player here. Really enjoying the game so far. I have a few questions regarding things that have come up in my few games. I hope I am not being too dense here and missing the obvious.

  1. When using ranged weapons in combat you use the shoot value still at -2 though and it counts as a combat action but do you use the damage from the weapon? And if so you use short range with correct?

  2. The double barrel shotgun is slow firing so this means I can only fire it once per activation not once per action right?

  3. How do Endurance enhancements work with remaining health if say the Sole Survivor Loner with Lone wanderer perk takes 7 damage. Due to the perk he has 9 but what happens if someone comes into his presence and LOS and the perk stops working? Does this cause him to die immediately? Same would go with certain chems ending and giving you a defecit to health. These make sense i suppose for that to happen.

  4. Do stats that provide health and another skill directly affect each other? i.e. Dogmeat uses agility for health so by losing health i take it that it affects his hit chances in a fight or any other skill on another model that also associates 1 or more skills with health?

Hopefully these are easy enough to answer and its just me missing the obvious.

1: You do a close combat action with -2 at the relative skill for shooting, and enemy gets +1 armor rating. You use the short range and use the damage on the card.
2: You can fire if it is loaded, and you load it automatically when you activate the model, but if you can manage to load it with a different way, you could shoot it (is not the same as heavy weapons)
3: When the model is at 0 health, it dies in that moment.
4: Nope, because the skill roll is based on the melee skill, and in that case, it is based in the AGI number, so the only way to decrease the chance would be decreasing your AGI or another modifiers, but no that way (AGI determines your health and melee skill, but health and skills don’t determine your stat)

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Thank you for clearing these up. I did wonder with some of them if I had been playing it right. Seem odd having the Sole survivor loner drop dead just because a friend appears in his view but I get it.

handy for new and old players to book mark this

I have a quick question. I am also new to FWW.
If a model has 4 armour, is there any way that he takes any damage? Let’s say I hit him with 2 damage and he has armor 4. If no armor reduction or extra damage is shown on the dices, he just doesn’t take any damage ever?

Even with 1000 physical armor rating, you could take 999 damage if you roll 1 with the red dice :sweat_smile:

True…I wasn’t thinking straight. Thank you!