Dog bite broken arm

Howdy all, i’m hoping I can get a little clarification on something that happened in a game last night.
Dogmeat attacked a super mutant and scored a nuke symbol causing a broken arm on him.
The rule for broken arm says:
“A model with an Injured Arm suffers a -2 modifiier to all Skill Values. A model with an Injured Arm should have a -2 Marker placed next to it.”
My question is, is the -2 off the value on the card, or does it only effect skill rolls? It came up because the mutant after the attack would of had 4 damage tokens on it, and if the -2 is to the End stat on the card then he would of effectively been at the limit for damage and died.
We also had a similar issue with the bourbon card, does the +1 End mean you get 1 extra point of health whilst it is active? Also if you have taken 6 damage and you have 1 left due to the card, do you automatically die when the card ticks down and you lose the +1 to End?
Maybe i’m over thinking the rules, but i’m a little confused.
Thanks in advance.


For Broken Arm, the -2 is to Skill Values which are the number you roll against for a Skill Test (which are based on the attribute). So, the -2 does not affect the actual attributes themselves and only affects the target numbers for Skill Tests.

For effects that specifically influence an attribute then they will in turn affect the skills and Health based on those attributes. In the case you mention, you are right that the Super Mutant would be removed if it had taken 6 damage and the +1 END effect ended as its damage would then equal its Health.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Thats the way we played it, so its good to know we were right :slight_smile: