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Fallout:Wasteland Warfare - Old FAQ and Errata thread

Please ask all your burning Fallout related questions here.

Do check the existing FAQ doc before posting just in case.

Battlemode questions have their own thread, and if necessary we can add a specific AI and Settlement Mode thread, but for now lets stick to two.


Hey mate. Had a query I couldn’t see in the errata or in the book.

When doing an attack can you trigger effects like ■■■■■■■ and such if you do not hit at all. The book doesn’t seem to say and sort of implies that you can as some abilities require damage to trigger and some don’t.

Question on boost card. When using Jury Rig when does your weapon explode? Upon death, do we flip a luck after each use of the weapon, or does it just have one use?

Question for how walked fire weapons interact with things like the Heavy Gunner perk. The perk says you can re-roll 1 black die during an “attack,” but the rules for firing and the rules for walked fire never use the term attack. Is an attack the action (in which cse you may re-roll 1 black die between all 5 shots) or is it the skill test (in which case you could re-roll the black die on each shot).

I’d assume the former due to balance reasons, but it’s currently quite ambiguous.

Ever thought about a scorched core set? Or even a scenic set? I was thinking of a mat with a crater and ultracite, then a big figure of a scorch beast and some smaller scorched humans. If this is made then maybe there could be a scorch beast queen sold seperately.

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Sorry i didnt quite know where to ask that

Hi Parmenion87,

Could you type out what the blocked word was? Just want to ensure I answer the right question. Thanks.

The Jury Rig card is played at the start of a battle and, as it is a ‘Consequence’, the card is added face-up into the Event Deck. Consequences get resolved when they appear at the top of the Event deck. In this case, when the weapon explodes, the damage on the Jury Rig card is resolved and the weapon is discarded. Up until it explodes, the weapon has a yellow dice token added to it (which means a yellow dice is added every time it is fired - no luck involved).

As you assumed, the benefit is for the entire attack action.

apparently C r i p p l e is censored. Basically my question was can any effects trigger when an attack doesnt hit. Things like removing Prepare, generating Action points on dogmeat and other such. I mean i know some abilities require you to actually do damage to activate, but it doesnt really clearly state that I could find whether other abilities actually need the attack to hit in the first place.

Thanks. I’ll add a piece that explains this. If a Skill test fails, all effect icons (apart from APs) are ignored so often special effects do not get triggered as a character has no icons to spend to make them happen, i.e. Dogmeat gaining an AP by spending a Star icon.

However, this means some effects do take place if they do not need icons to make them happen, i.e. anyone caught in the area of effect of a Molotov Cocktail is set on fire even if it misses as the weapon card shows anything in the Yellow area of effect is On Fire (no icons required).

Like you mentioned, there are some effects that require damage to be done for the effect to occur and these are mentioned on their cards, i.e. Radscorpion Pincers and Sting weapon card says if damage caused then Bottle icon means Poison.

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Apologies James, but I’m trying to get clarification on your answer regarding the interaction between the Heavy Gunner perk and walked-fire weapons (like the minigun or gatling laser). To me, your answer is also a bit ambiguous so perhaps a follow-up question is in order. :slight_smile:

The way I see this interaction, there are 2 possible interpretations:
A) Heavy Gunner provides a re-roll possibility once for each of the 5 attacks. So potentially, you could have 5 rerolls; or
B) Heavy Gunner provides a maximum of one re-roll for all of the 5 attacks combined.

Can you clarify whether “A” or “B” is the correct interpretation?

To me, “A” seems to be the correct interpretation because it would ensure that this ability wouldn’t have a disparate effect on different heavy weapons. For example, if you applied the “B” interpretation, that would mean that a weapon with a single strong attack (like a rocket launcher or the inevitable mininuke) would benefit from Heavy Gunner far more than, say, the minigun (with a series of small attacks). A weapon with a single strong attack would gain the re-roll benefit across its entire attack. Meanwhile, a weapon like the minigun would only gain this re-roll benefit across at most 20% of its attack. Therefore, the “A” interpretation makes a lot more sense to me, but it’d be good to get this clarified.

B is the correct rule. The player gets to choose which 1 roll out of the 5 gets re-rolled.

Various questions on various topics:

  1. Using Action Points
    Pg 40 of the Rulebook states that each Action Point Use icon can only be used once during a model’s activation. The Heroic ability gives a model one Action Point Use icon each for Move, Attack, and Expertise. Thus, for example, no matter how many Action Points a Heroic model had, it could only use AP on one Attack quick action. If a model were somehow able to get another one of these Action Point Use icons from another source (say, for example, Attack), would that model be able to use both Action Point Use icons that are duplicates of one another? In this example, would that allow that model to use Attack as two quick actions within a single activation?

  2. Movement Action Point Use icon
    Again, Pg 40 of the Rulebook states that each Action Point Use icon can only be used once during a model’s activation. The Movement Action Point Use icon allows a model to move or charge as a quick action. If a model uses that icon to move, does that also preclude the same model from using that icon to charge as another quick action within the same activation? Or could it use the icon to both move and charge separately as quick actions using 2 separate action points?

  3. Laser Rifle special ability
    The Laser Rifle allows the model to spend one nuka cola bottle to have 1 damage ignore armor. Does this special ability also ignore Strong Armor? Or does it function like an Armor Reduction icon, which do not affect a unit’s Strong Armor bonus (Rulebook Pg 21)?

  4. Leaders
    Assuming there’s at least one single-model unit in your force, do you always have to assign a model as a Leader (as well as assign it a Leader card)?

  5. Leaders - Coop Play
    In 2-player coop, assuming there’s at least one single-model unit in both players’ forces, does each player on the same team have to assign a model as a Leader (as well as assign that model a Leader card)? Can each player use the same Leader card, or do they have to be different?

  6. Factions - Coop Play
    In 2-player coop, can both players use the same faction? (example: both play Survivors, or both play Minutemen)

  7. Minimum Requirements for Unit’s Standard Equipment
    The Errata 2.0 notes that when setting up AI units, you should ignore any minimum requirements for items listed on the AI card. So for example, giving the AI side a BoS Paladin unit means that the Paladin can still use a Gatling Laser even though it doesn’t meet the STR requirement. Does this also apply to player units in Battle Mode and/or Settlement mode?

  8. Armor Rating
    The Rulebook is a bit inconsistent on what can contribute to Armor Rating. On Pg 21, it states that a model’s Armor Rating is derived from one card which sets their values, plus up to one card of each card type that modifies those values. However, on Pg 32, it states that a model’s Armor Rating is derived from one card which sets their values, plus up to one card that alters those values. These are different - which one is correct?

  9. Sole Survivor Loner point cost (not really a rules question)
    The Sole Survivor Loner comes with the Lone Wanderer perk for free, which I presume is included in its unit cost calculation (140 pts). For those of us who wish to use the Sole Survivor Loner without the Lone Wanderer perk, how would you house-rule its unit cost? Would you simply subtract the cost of the Lone Wanderer perk (50 pts) to make the Sole Survivor Loner cost 90 pts, or would you assign it the same value as the “Nora” Sole Survivor, who costs 95 pts?

  1. Each Action Point Use icon (APUI) can be used once each during a model’s activation so a model with 2 Attack APUIs and 2 APs could spend 1 AP on each Attack APUI to perform 2 Quick Action attacks.

  2. The Movement APUI is Move or Charge not both - each icon can only be used once.

  3. It ignores Strong Armor.

  4. Yes, and a model can not be a Leader without a Leader card.

  5. Each player gets a Leader in their force. See the Co-op Handbook in the Downloads section for more details and other rules for Co-op play.

  6. Yes.

  7. This only applies to AI Units and not to a player’s Units. In Settlement Mode, a Paladin always has access to a Gatling Laser but needs something to increase their STR before they can equip it.

  8. p.21 is correct. (The next Errata/FAQ includes the fix for p.32 to make it the same as p.21.)

  9. Officially Sole Survivor Loner can not be used without the Lone Wanderer Perk (as that’s a large part of their character) and the points cost includes the Lone Wanderer Perk. If you choose to house-rule it to use Sole Survivor Loner without that Perk, you need to agree with your opponent what its cost would be. Subtracting the full cost is not always correct as not all models benefit the same from each Perk and this has been taken into account when creating their points values. The same is true for any mode if you choose to remove any skill or ability.

Thanks for addressing these - your answers are very helpful! A couple of follow-up questions on these:

In 2-player coop, can both players choose the same Leader card (assuming there are sufficient copies of that card available)? For example, can both players on the same side choose the “Bruiser” Leader card?

Just want to clarify what “up to one card of each card type that modifies those values” means on Rulebook Pg 21 when it comes to modifying a model’s Armor rating. Using an example, let’s say I have a model with a base physical Armor value of 2. That model has the following cards:

Army Helmet (+2) - Item - Armor
Aviator Cap (+1) - Item - Clothing
Ballistic Weave (+1) - Item - Armor Mod
Mysterious Serum (+2) - Item - Chem
Toughness (+1) - Perk
Defender (+1) - Leader

What would that model’s total armor rating be in this situation? Would the armor rating be 6 (2 Base + 2 Item + 1 Perk + 1 Leader)? Or would it be 10 (because all of these cards stack)? Or something else?

I suppose that would depend on how you define “card type.” Is an Item a “card type” (regardless of whether it’s a mod, armor, chem, etc.)? Or is “Item - Mod” considered a separate “card type” as “Item - Clothing”?

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Have a question. I saw something on the main page about people who got defective dice or dice with the wrong faces, but don’t know if I did or not. I can’t find any more details.

Pretend I just got my copy in the mail today and am opening it just now. How do I tell if I got the bad dice or not?

On the Modiphius website, under Fallout, Downloads, there’s a pdf file (blue_dice_faces.pdf) you can download that shows the correct faces :slight_smile:

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Welcome DoctorX, the wrong dice were the blue dice. They had the same faces as the green dice.

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Thanks. Have another question: My Red Rocket Station arrived. I’ve got what look like all the pieces and decals but can’t be certain because there are no instructions and I’m a bit intimidated to start poking out the pieces with only vague notions of what I’m doing. Was I supposed to get them? Do I message Modiphius about it? Are they online somewhere?

I don’t have it but I’m sure I’ve seen the instructions on the downloads page:

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