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Wave 5 Questions

Please ask general FAQ/Errata questions relating to wave 5 onwards here.


Copying the questions from the other thread:

1: When you use a mod like Confort grip on a pistol, and your model is a Civilian Ranger with his CQB ability or a Supermutant, do you get +2? And if it is a different model? What effect an eerie mist would have?

2: The Civilian Ranger ignores penalties shooting at CC, is a penalty giving to your enemy +1 armor rating?

3: I think I found a missing icon in the new vegas handbook, is it a poison? At the Cazadores storyline.!


4: There are some odd suggested rosters in the Synth town campaign, like a Free Tech with Mysterious Stranger perk and no way to get VATS, or a Settler with an armor and a power armor (last scenario), or Synths with perks and/or armor.

5: The Beast of the bottling plant campaign, in the suggested forces, is counting Aspirant goddard plus his power armor apart (looking at my old points list), so he is like 180 points or so. And the drugs appear in a model line, but if you calculate the points (old list), you notice the 2 psychos get the chems (this is because it should be written in 2 lines, like Synth town campaign, because it could not be equipped in a multiple model unit, as it seems written).

6: After last wave, after uploading last erratas and referente cards, the Survivors referente card is still wrong with the armor boost tokens, and the Mutand Hound does not have a “1” instead of a “X” as the last errata list says.

7: Maybe is intended, but I think Cattle Prod is REALLY cheap :sweat_smile: It makes almost the rest of 1 damage melee weapons unbuyable, without the need of causing damage, rolling with green, stunning at 60%, energy damage, and all for 3 caps… maybe it needs a review. It is really good for 3 caps, so now, Stun Baton is REALLY unbuyable for 25 caps​ :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance

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  1. What does Ignore 1 piece of cover mean (Boone or 1st Recon Sharpshooter) - does it mean:
    a) the shooter doesn’t get the -2 penalty for one cover and defender doesn’t get the +1 armor for that cover
    b) the shooter doesn’t get the -2 penalty for one cover but defender does get the +1 armor for that cover

  2. Civilian Ranger CQB - does the effect of Psycho or Psychobuff (+1 black die in Melee only) counts as additional die when using this item ability?

  3. I saw some similar discussion about PA but just to be sure - as NCR Heavy Trooper is able to use PA but is not able to use High-tech items, does it imply that they are only able to use NCR Salvaged Power Armor? (same will go for f.e. Raiders and their armors)

This is not an official answer, but:

  1. A, you ignore the piece of cover, so there is no cover for Boone’s shoot, is not the same as ignore penalty with ranged weapons.
  2. This is like de STR +7 black die bonus, you should get the die just with melee weapons, not with any Close Combat action, even if you use the Melee icon for the skill test, the question is about the weapon type.
  3. When it says PA access, he can buy PA’s only, even if he has no access to high tech (just that part of the high tech items)

@DK-dark thank You for Your answers - as i can agree with the point 1, i’m not that sure with point 2 and very confused about point 3 :smiley: please look here : Battlemode 2021 force lists updated and online - there is an official response which led me to ask the number 3 question just to be 100% sure :slight_smile: - still waiting for official answer :slight_smile:

  1. Psycho says “+Black die Melee”, melee is only for weapons, there is no melee attack, there is close combat actions, with ranged, throwing or melee weapons, thats the point. And if you look the RPG point of view, it has sense, using psycho, to get the black die bonus when you hit with melee weapons, and not using ranged weapons at close combat.
  2. It is fine, he says you need specifically the words “Power Armor” in the model’s list (and obviously, synths cannot wear any armor, it does not matter if they can buy high tech items, they are not allowed to)
    As you can see, NCR Heavy Trooper has access to advanced items, and from there, to Power Armors, so he could buy just the Power Armors from the advanced items list (it could be named a “sub-access” inside the item types, more than an item list, there is no Power Armor list type, there are Power Armors inside different groups of items, so the Power Armor words in the model’s access could be an skill more than a buying access, as Olivier said there)
  1. It’s A) One piece of cover is ignored, so shooter doesn’t get a -2 penalty and defender doesn’t get the +1 armor for that piece of cover.

  2. No extra black dies, because CQB is a close combat (CC) attack with a ranged weapon, not a melee attack. Yes, it uses the melee attack STAT line but it’s not a melee attack.

  3. Heavy Trooper has access to only Power Armors in the Advanced category. And because NCR Salvaged is the only PA in this category, you’re right that this is the only one they can (currently) sue


Reaction timing vs. “after” activation effects:

So there was a question in the facebook forum regarding whether you could react before a suicider detonates it’s nuke. I realized the question also affects when you look at searchables and use limited use items, since all of these can happen “after” an action. This conflicts with the reaction that also happens “after” an action. Some interesting wording in the rules: Specifically limited use items are described as use “immediately” after an action, reactions on the other hand happen after an action is “complete”. This can still be interpreted both ways I think?

Personally I think it’s cooler if you with a reaction marker could deny opponents looting, or healing, but on the other hand I think it kind of breaks the game sequence a bit (when are you supposed to heal or look at that searchable then?) An official answer would be appreciated.

I know James commented on this prior to leaving.

Is there an official FAQ on Walked Fire weapons and bonuses? Heavy Gunner, Enclave Auras, etc. all share similar wording and it was previously ruled as one die per Action. However the Ninja Perk specifies one die per shot. How does that work?

Additionally, will there be an effort to clean up and unify language in the rules? There is an awful lot open to interpretation.

Thank you.

Hey everyone! I’m one of the internal testers at Modiphius and we’ll be doing a regular check of the rules forum going forwards for your questions. Anything we can’t answer, we’ll put past a Dev and get you a reply as soon as possible.

Starting with the questions from @DK-dark -

1 - I’ll check with Devs regarding the Ranger/CQB and the Super Mutant. Any other model in Close Combat using a weapon with a Pistol or Rifle Skill Icon would have the Skill Penalty negated by the Comfort Grip, as they’re using a weapon associated with the Skill Test they are about to perform. The Armor Rating is still very much there though!
2 - I think I accidentally answered this above - the Armor Rating would still be there, as it is not a penalty.
3 - Oh, good spot. I’ll get a Dev to check.
4 - The Free Tech should have Mysterious Stranger removed in Scenario 3: Molecular Meltdown. Remove Sturdy Leather Armor from the Settler in Scenario 3: Molecular Meltdown. Could you clarify your last point regarding Synths, Perks and Armor?
5: We can’t go back and adjust Suggested Force lists in old scenarios once points are updated (like in this instance), but players should feel free to make adjustments to them as they see fit if/when points change.
6: I think I’ve had this one mentioned by someone internally. We’ll be doing a comparison of the errata and matching cards shortly to make sure they match - I’ll be sure to catch these two when we get around to it.
7: That’s intended for the Cattle Prod - enjoy your cheap weapon! We’re quite partial to Fire Axes in the Internal Playtesters.

Onto @boyleer questions;
1 - @RyanDanger87 has it correct. They would ignore one piece of cover completely, so no - 2 penalty for the shooter and the defender would not get the +1 Armor.
2 - So I’m unsure on this. I’ll ask a Dev and get back to you.
3 - Beaten to it by @DK-dark and @RyanDanger87 - those models can purchase those particular suits of Power Armor as they are on accessible equipment lists, but wouldn’t be able to purchase anything from High Tech.

Will get the Devs word on Reaction timing vs. ‘after’ effects.

And finally, @AmPm

There are a few things going on here regarding Walked Fire.

Heavy Gunner was clarified as per the Errata dated V5 November 2020. On page 9, it states you get ‘one re-roll on any one of the 5 shots a Gatling Laser makes, not one per shot’. For rules like the Enclave buffs, it would be similar to Heavy Gunner - you get it once during one of your five shots, your choice as to which shot.

Regarding Ninja, I’m sure I’m looking at the most up to date version of that Perk and I can’t see any stipulation on the card or the errata saying you get one die per shot - could you help me out and perhaps provide a picture of the version you’re looking at?

4: The list in there has synths with perks and armor (like a patroller), but they are not allowed to wear armor or perks.
5: Well, I meant it does not matter the actual points, that campaign was made counting Aspirant Goddard and his T-60 as individual costs in that moment, so it seems uneven from the beginning, the Locals list should not pay for the T-60… anyway, it could be in the errata document just for new players don’t play unbalanced.

Thanks for the answers, I will wait for the clarification about the situation of using melee skill with ranged weapons and those mods. Regarding this, could you see the Eerie mist event card too? It is almost about the same question with melee icon and ranged weapons


The exact wording for Ninja states, “If no-one has LoS to you (other than the target), shots at long-range add 1 green”, since it doesn’t state attack or action does it apply to each shot?

Additionally, what is the purpose of the minigun and gatling laser then? VS an armor 1 target they barely keep up with a 2 damage rifle, and if the target has 1 armor and cover or 2 armor or more it drops behind a 2 damage rifle. Seems like a rather useless weapon vying for a limited heavy weapon slot.

Walked fire weapons have armor penetration by default, -1 to armor rating after each successful shot on the same target, and you could change the target up to yellow if you need it. They have max range, and at short range are painful.
They are really good against SM suicides, they roll mini nuke each impact.

But the odds of consecutive hits are pretty low, odds are you will remove 1 armor once. Better off just doing more damage.

However, this is a topic for it’s own thread. I’ll open one in the normal FWW forum.

Hey @DK-dark

  • Thanks for the clarification on the Synths. I’ll put that past the Devs tomorrow for you.
  • I honestly forgot to check Eerie Mist - my bad on that one! Eerie Mist would only effect weapons not using the Melee (Knife) Skill, so Comfort Grip would negate the penalty of Eerie Mist for Rifle and Pistol Weapons.

I hope that answered your question?

About Eerie mist, I meant using a Supermutant to shoot at close combat, they get -2 for the ranged weapon at melee, but this is like comfort grip and using melee icon to shoot, it is supposed you are shooting while you have a comfort grip mod installed on your weapon, despite if you are checking the roll with melee icon… all factions get -4 when use ranged weapon at close combat while Eerie mist is active? Supermutants just get -2? Should not be everyone who is shooting in the mist? If you can argue SM ignore this penalty with the mist, you can argue they ignore -2 for ranged weapon at close combat too :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Hi @boyleer I have spoken to a dev @Modiphius-Ethan and this was his response;

No, CQB allows you to fire a Pistol using the attacking Models Close Combat Skill but it is not considered a Close Combat attack, it is still using a Ranged Weapon in Close Combat. So the effects of Psycho and Psychobuff do not come in to effect.

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Hey @DK-dark

Just had a chat with the Dev (@Modiphius-Ethan) and I’ve got the following response for all of your Comfort Grip questions. I’d also to clarify I got the weapons the wrong way around when clarifying Eerie Mist yesterday so I have updated my earlier post and I will roll that into the full explanation below.

Comfort Grip interacts with the NCR Civilian Ranger’s ‘CQB’ and the Super Mutants faction rule in the same way - they would not get the benefit of Comfort Grip in close combat. This is because despite using a ranged weapon (be it a rifle or pistol), that model is now swopping from using the Rifle/Pistol Skill (which Comfort Grip is linked to) to using the Close Combat Skill. Models using a ranged weapon in melee with a Pistol/Rifle skill would however, gain the benefit of Comfort Grip as they are using the associated skills. The weapon they are using is not the key thing here - the skill is.

Eerie Mist effects any attacks made that are not using the Close Combat Skill. Both the NCR Civilian Ranger and the Super Mutant from the example above would not be effected by the Event as they are testing against the Close Combat Skill. Any other skill would be effected by the Mist though but Comfort Grip would then negate the penalty from the Mist when the Pistol/Rifle skill is tested.

Regarding the Super Mutant in your Eerie Mist example, they would suffer the - 2 penalty for using the Ranged Weapon in Melee but not get the benefit of Comfort Grip, for the reason given above. Models shooting in Melee without Comfort Grip in Eerie Mist would suffer a 4 penalty to their skill tests.

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Yeah, thats a missing Icon!

We’ll add that in to the next errata using the following profile;


Regarding this point -

Neither the use of the nuke, checking a Searchable nor Limited Use Items are actions, so would not provide a Trigger for a Model to react to.