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Wave 4 FAQ and Errata Thread

Please ask all FAQ/Errata questions here.



Hello Jon!

In the new pdf to caps costs, I found these interesting things:

  1. The Headlamp has two costs, which one is correct?
    Screenshot_20201115-101750_Adobe Acrobat

  2. The Raider Pow. Arm. is 15 caps now, just like the PA frame. I guess that’s a typo, or should it really be that cheap?

  3. The dog costs are meant to be printed stat cards vs. Errata cards, correct?

Thank you sooo much, amazing work you guys do there!

While I am not Jon, I may be able to answer your questions

  1. Both are correct as there are currently 2 cards with this name - the version for 10 caps will be renamed into “hHeadlamp (Powerarmour)”
  2. It’s a typo, it should stay on 33 caps as before
  3. Correct
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Is it intentional that the RPG archetype ‘units’ were removed from the updated item & unit costs list?

RPG costs are coming in a separate doc that the team is just putting together.

So to clarify, the FWW cap costs for the RPG archetypes - allowing you to field Chem Makers, Defenders, Snipers, Scouts etc in FWW skirmish games - will be in the upcoming RPG PDF?

Sorry, got a crossed wire there.

Not sure why those got removed from the doc, I’ll get them put back in ASAP.

While some reformatting and so forth is done with the caps cost list, it was jarring to see the units lists at the end of the document instead of the first page like every previous caps list. Was there a reason for that? I almost thought that the page got switched by accident.

I’ll ask the designer.
My hunch would be due to flow, but I’ll see what he says.

EDIT: He restructured the cards to run in alphabetical order for both the cards themselves and the deck types, hence Unit jumping to the end.

I get it, but it’s unintuitive. The Units, Items, Mods, Leader cards, and Perks should be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th and then the rest can be alphabetized. I guess like the previous cap lists? Was he using a feature in his editing app to save time and didn’t think about the categories? :slight_smile:

Also maybe split the unit list into factions? I’m sure most warbands are limited to models of one faction, and even if that’s not the case you can simply switch between the individual factions to get your cost.

Besides I don’t always remember the exact name of a unit (e.g. “veteran raider” or “raider veteran”) so sometimes I spend more time looking for a unit.

Last but not least: all the units you don’t need are noise. Splitting into factions would significantly reduce that noise and it would also look much more tidy.

The lists are combined because the core narrative experience for Fallout is not factional.

Players are allowed and encouraged to mix it up, combining survivors, Brotherhood of Steel and Railroad in to one combined force for example, to help tell the stories they want.

This is why the units are all in one block.

For a more factional approach to the game, I’d suggest battlemode (which does break models down by faction) which can be found here: and is currently being updated looking at a December release for the new versions of the force lists.

Of course, but it’s still easier to find what you’re looking for if the lists are split, even for a mixed warband.

Banquo - you are looking for armylists with faction identity. This will be released in December via Battlemode.

The items / units cap list is just what the name says: A plain list, that helps you to understand which items / units cost how much :slight_smile:

@Modiphius-Jon maybe you could share your sneak-peek of the Enclave Army list, I think thats exactly what the guys are looking for

I’m aware of battlemode, but I still like to play unrestricted mode with mostly pure factions. Mixing BoS, Institute and Super Mutant is good for a joke, but makes little sense narrative-wise.

And it’d still be easier to read if you split the list into factions, regardless of how you play.

Having item costs in several different documents means a lot of maintenance work and significantly increases the probability of failure. It makes more sense to have them all in one big document

I was not saying, that you should play battlemode, I was trying to help you by pointing out, that the new way of building armies in battlemode is way less restrictive than before

Here is an example what the Enclave Army list in the new style looks like:

Eg the Tesla Soldier can choose to take roundabout 300 different items /weapons /armour / upgrades :slight_smile:

I noticed in Frank’s description in Battle Mode, he get can use Upgrades. His reference card rules are he can’t use a bunch of stuff like Chems, Alcohol, Food, Mods, Gear, Clothing, Armor, or Power Armor. What is he allowed in Battle Mode that he can use in Narrative Mode?

I have a question about MIRELURK QUEEN BROOD (EFFECT: Add 1 Mirelurk Hatchlings. All Hatchlings activate immediately before Queen and attack (or move to attack) their nearest opposing model.). Does it mean : if Hatchlings isn’t btb they perform up to 2 move action to nearest foe and if after move they btb with foe perform up 2 free attack from weapon card?

Like other models, the Hatchlings get 2 actions in total for their activation which cna be used to move and/or attack. If engaged with a non-friendly model, it will attack it. So they will either move+move, move+attack, attack+move (if they remvoe their opponent with their first action), or attack+attack. (The hatchlings activate immediately before the Queen activates so that any the queen spawns with her Brood card won’t activate that round.)