Wave 8 PDF errors

. . Over on the WW discord we started collecting errors in the current PDFs.

Currently this is what we’ve gotten for the Caps PDF (thanks to Marian):

Lists ‘Conrad Kellogg’ at 95 caps and ‘Kellog’(sic) at 97 caps
Missing ‘Bandit’ cost from the RPG
Missing ‘Forager’ cost from the RPG
Missing ‘Mr Handy Type-1’ cost from the RPG
‘Piper’ and ‘Pilot’ are not in alphabetical order to each other

‘Ice Cold Gwinnett Pale’ should be ‘Ice Cold Gwinnett Ale’
‘Dog Bandanna’ should be ‘Dog Bandana’
‘Holly Water’ should be ‘Holy Water’
Missing item cost for ‘Heavy Weapon Mount’
Missing item cost for ‘Heavy Laser Turret’
‘Synthbooster’ should be ‘Synth Booster’
‘Grognak’s Sword’ cost hasn’t changed yet is magenta
‘Tessa’s Fist’ is now 0? (can’t be used by anyone but her anymore?)
‘Switch Blade’ should be ‘Switchblade’

Noted! Keep posting any others you find and drop them in here. I’ve caught a few of these myself whilst skimming through it for other jobs. We’ll look to fold these into the next update.


Just noticed on the “Revised cards Wave 1-8” that the Survivor faction card says uniques get an extra armor token, and then is proceeds to state uniques get 2 armor tokens and non-uniques get 1 per model.

It looks to me like it’s got both the original AND the updated rule listed on the card.

can you share a link to the WW discord please? if it is open for all users of course :slight_smile:

In the battle mode item file, the flamer is marked as heavy weapon rather then rifle.

I’ve noticed the Slog Ghouls don’t have the ghoul type. Not sure if that’s on purpose or if it was missed.

No its missing. I only checked the new cards and never looked at the old ones…

While updating the squad builder, I’ve noticed a few other things:

  • In the PDFs there is an “Enclave Trainee” entry, but their card is just “Trainee”
  • In the battle mode Items list, the Flamer is characterized as a Heavy Weapon, but it’s a Rifle
  • In the battle mode items list, a “Merc Charmer Costume” is mentioned, but it isn’t in the Items PDF
  • In the battle mode items list, Triggerman Bowler is in both the Robot and Wasteland Items list. It’s a robot-only card, so I assume it should be only in the former list.
  • In the Brotherhood force list for Battle Mode, it says that Kells does carry “Power Armor Airship Captain’s Hat”. The Prydwen is cool, but I don’t think it’s referred to as a Power Armor Airship
  • In the Brotherhood force list for Battle Mode, Sarah Lyons and Star Paladin Cross don’t have the Power Armor keyword which would allow them to wear it. Since they’re default-equipped with T45, I assume that was an omission.
  • In the Battle Mode Force List, ■■■■’s shiskebab has a ** next to it, indicating that one should refer to the errata files. There is no mention of ■■■■ or the shishkebab in any of the errata documents I could find
  • In Battle Mode Fawkes doesn’t have Survivor Items (in the Survivors Battle Mode List), but his Gatling Laser is a Survivors item only. So he can’t equip it in that mode
  • (In Battle Mode) Battered Gen 1 Synths don’t have access to Institute Items, so they can’t use the Institute Laser Pistol

I also found a bunch of units whose caps values in their faction Battle Mode Lists are incorrect. Here’s the complete list, with X/Y and X being General mode value and Y being Battle mode. I assume that these should be equal to the General mode caps value, and don’t differ based on mode, right?

  • Star Paladin Cross: 119 / 122
  • Lone Wanderer: 126 / 132 in the BOS & Survivors battle Mode list
  • Recruit Legionary 28 / 27
  • Children of Atom Disciple 84 / 70
  • Arcade Gannon 55 / 50 (Enclave & Survivor)
  • Hellfire Trooper 90 / 108
  • (Enclave) Lieutenant 57 / 62
  • Tesla Soldier 85 / 101
  • Warrant Officer 60 / 71
  • X6-88 143 / 152
  • Bedlam 63 / 60
  • Mongrel 63 / 57 (Raider force list)
  • Battered Assaultron 120 / 95 (Raider force list)
  • Battered Protectron 44 / 35 (Raider force list)
  • Battered Sentry Bot 154 / 165 (Raider force list)
  • Drummer Boy 65/ 57
  • Mr. Tims 79 / 70
  • Tinker Tom 60 / 54
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Regarding the differences in point costs between both modes, they were always different.
For example, Enclave tesla was always 101 and hellfire 108 in battlemode. The problem was that the general file was a mess

This and many more will be fixed at least when nuka world drops :wink:

The Wave 8 mods pdf is missing some Wave 1 cards all of a sudden. I’m in the process of reprinting for myself cards I’d printed last year (on a more appropriate paper weight this time), and I have these 11 mod cards that no longer exist in the pdf. I know they were from wave 1 because those were the only ones I’d printed. Cards I can’t find anymore are:

  • Armour Piercing Receiver (ranged)
  • Multi-Caliber (ranged)
  • Re-Bored (ranged)
  • Arm Breaker (melee)
  • Multi-Purpose (melee)
  • Improved Flexibility (armor)
  • Lead Lined (armor)
  • Lightweight (armor)
  • Boosted Servos (power armor)
  • Emergency Protocols (power armor)
  • Hot Rod Shark Paint (power armor)

It’s possible more are missing but these are the 11 I have printed. I think it’s likely that one page of wave 1 mods got left out of the pdf somehow, since there are 12 cards to a page and I’m missing 11, and all my other to-be replaced cards map to the one remaining page of wave 1 mods.

Also, while we’re talking about pdf/card errors, the Gear pdf’s wave 8 section has an incorrectly titled card. The ‘Robot Repair Kit’ should instead be ‘Robot Repair Patch’, as we already have a robot repair kit from wave 1 that heals more damage and doesn’t cause stun on application.

Anyway I hope the mods pdf gets fixed soon (or maybe someone can send me a pdf from an earlier wave that still had all the wave 1 mods) as I hope to get everything printed again without waiting until wave 9.

So most of the new units have aura like abilities but they’re missing the aura icon and thus would be presence skills.

The difference is presence skills take and action and cannot be engaged.

Examples (but not limited too) are:

Broadcast on Three Dog
Both Lyon’s abilities (inspiring and revenge)
Teacher on th named scribe

I will say, I do have a few of the old pdfs if you still need. The last time I see the mods you listed were marked as the “v4*” mod pdf (looks like Wave 4).

My confusion came from some of the mods made it into the items/equipment pdf in Wave 6 (or maybe there was no separate mod pdf for that wave? That could explain why I don’t have one and some mods appear with the rest of the items/equipment cards?)

Looking deeper, I think the mods started showing up in the item/equipment pdf with Wave 4, because that’s when I see them pop up in there and I don’t have a Wave 4 mod pdf*. But now they are getting separated in their own pdf again… so confusing.

*edit: found my mod_cards_v4_001w.pdf in another folder, so that looks like the last time I have all 13 missing mods included in a pdf. Though, I might have missed updated downloads between between wave 4 and 6.

I concur that those 11 wave 1 mod cards are missing and I have also found 2 others:

  • V.A.T.S. MATRIX OVERLAY (wave 3 mod, originally from INSTITUTE CARD PACK)

It does look like all 13 mod cards might have been missing since at least the wave 4 pdfs (at least from what I see in my pdf archive). I guess the cards could have been removed/discontinued from play, but I highly doubt that’s the case for all 13 mods; it must be an error, right?

Also for note some conflicts between wave 8 pdfs I have found:

Lorenzo Cabot unit card
In FWW_Wave_8_Cards_Unit.pdf the card is missing “Do not move into base contact after completion” in the text and the version 2 icon in the bottom-right. Both are present in the Revised cards_Wave 1-8.pdf file.

Deathclaw Crush weapon card
FWW_Wave_8_Cards_Weapon.pdf text reads “…and (push back icon) target (yellow)”
Revised cards_Wave 1-8.pdf text reads “…and throw target (yellow)”

Less important:
Pulse Gun weapon card in FWW_Wave_8_Cards_Weapon.pdf needs the version 2 icon in the bottom-right (it’s there in Revised cards_Wave 1-8.pdf).

I forgot to check on this thread lately. If you see this message, I’d really appreciate if you could share that older pdf with the missing Wave 1 mods with me! The fact that I can’t print them out with the wave 8 pdf has kept bugging me xD

More errors, the costs pdf is missing the costs for all the units from Into The Wasteland that haven’t been reprinted in later waves (Alpha Glowing Mongrel I and II, Deathskull radscorpion I and II, Nukalurk Hatchlings, Nukalurk Queen I and II, and Shipbreaker I and II).

Months in and I still find more errors. :slight_smile:
‘Lyons’ Insignia’ (misspelled as ‘Lyons Insignia’) and ‘Star Paladin Insignia’ are listed under mods when they have the Gear icon. Either they are actually supposed to be mods (in which case the item icon is wrong and they are missing an extra icon to show what they attach to), or they are in the wrong table.

‘Fawke’s Gatling Laser’ (should be spelled ‘Fawkes’ Gatling Laser’)

Is ‘Charon’s Combat Knife’ meant to be a cap cheaper than the regular ‘Combat Knife’? It’s a unique, but it gains an extra effect against certain enemies, meaning that the first Combat Knife if your force should always be Charon’s as it’s just a plain upgrade and cheaper.

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