Wave 9 PDF errors

Ok. Got some things here:

First off none of the wave 4 Mirelurk cards are in the PDF. We were told they were being reprinted in the wave 9 book earlier in the summer. Hopefully this is just an oversite in the PDF and people don’t have to by the wave 4 card pack to get them as it’s was suppose to go OOP with mirelurk reprints in wave 9 and Enclave in wave 8.

The AI cards are in the set for Mirelurks which is why I’m hoping it’s an oversite.

There are now two different profiles Modiphius sells for Nukalurk queen with one being legendary. The Into the Wasteland Nukalurk queen is completely different stats, and is Legendary, vs what’s in Wave 9. This isn’t so much error as it is confusion on why we didn’t just get a legondary nukalurk queen stats in wave 9?

Mirelurk King AGI is only 2 and all it’s attacks are attached to that. I’m hoping this is a misprint as that’s pretty useless. Also Mirelurk king as a thrown weapon at black but no weapons that use thrown. Update: The Vault tec approved profile has a 6 for this AGI.

Nukalurk faction ability says you place down nuka quantum pools but no number is given unlike CoA’s radiation barrels. Update: the reference card is vastly different from the rules in the book. The reference card makes a lot more sense as well as has the number of nuka pools you place down.

in the points section of vault tec approved Nukalurks are 87 caps vs regular mirelurks 58 caps. That’s 29 points more for what is basically just a chance at 1 rad damage and situational healing. The Nukalurk queen is 20 points more then her regular counter part and hatchlings are 9 points as examples of cheaper applications of the faction abilities. Hopefully that 87 is wrong as that’s a lot of caps for what you’re getting. The Nukalurk faction isn’t that strong.

Eyebot card is missing as well as it’s AI card and vault tec approved profile sheet.

There’s a Dogmeat AI card but no AI card for the hound (I suspect it’s the same and wasn’t retitled).

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Gatorclaws say they only have gatorclaw claws equipped while Albino Gatorclaws have both claws and jaws equipped. Is the regular gatorclaw missing the jaws?

In the weapon section there are no gatorclaw Claws weapon but instead two Gatorclaw Jaws weapons with different stats.

Oswalds Radiation burst does not have a range.

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And where are nukalurks unit cards? I can`t seen any one in the file but King.
Page 47 of the main book:

  • Nukalurks add Blue dice if what? Need to be a Blue dice effect there.
  • How much Yellow pools of Nuka-Cola can be set?
  • One of the Nukalurks rules missed.

On page 33 of the main book Mirelurk King have Yellow Move distance, but Nukalork King have Red and MK’s card in the card’s file have Red too.

The Nukalurk faction card calls out you use regular mirelurk cards and add the bonuses. I really like just having a reference card add this as I’d much prefer that then having a bunch of new cards.

The add blue dice to their attack for a chance of rad damage. that effect die is like Vats and only used for that specific effect.

Thank you!

  1. Yes, it is. But where is it write in book?
  2. And which side of Blue dice launch this effect is not mentonied in book too.
    Reference card is ok still so it is only book flaw.

Hi, also don’t forgrt the +2 END bonus each nukalurk gets. So in total the new effect + 2 health is quite enough for the additional costs :wink:


I did notice the +2 END later in the day but I still don’t think that justifies a 50% increase in the regular mirelurks point cost especially when I can buy just a +1 to health for 5 points (and neiether does the other minor things added by the faction). But the rules question forum isn’t the place to argue cap values as per numerous comments from Modiphius employees so I’m still going to leave the question as is and if that’s the correct value I’ll just use my own in their place.

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I hope they fix those mistakes before it goes to print and they should fix the mistakes in the pdf, since it’s not free.

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I think its too late for that…
Give they want to release it next month, the logistic behinde such a release doesn’t allow that.

Mason’s abilities looks different in Company book and in Cards file - Energize will give to him Quick Action not Quick Move Icon. Disciples Veteran’s card have same problem.
Operator Butcher’s Combat Rifle lost Green Dice on long distance in Company Book (Operator’s Survivalist and Tormentor the same).

Staff members have that pdf file on their computers. They can fix the mistakes and upload it to the downloads page within an hour. I’m not talking about the print copy, which they claim will be error free. If they don’t have that ability, they need more training. They’ve had dozens of free eyeballs finding errors for them and they’re not taking advantage of it, even when they know the mistakes are there? That’s not the modiphius I know.

As an example, a lot of the Fallout 2D20 playtesters pointed out the simple spelling mistakes and other things to the development team and they said, “Your feedback is meant for mechanics, not spelling or grammar. We’ve got an editing team for that.” So? The average student would have known better to turn in a paper with those kinds of mistakes and would have gotten a C+ at most with a lot of notes in red ink in the margins pointing them out.

It might be the American in me, but in my experience, that’s usually a sign that a person has no sense of pride in their work and they’re just coasting, depending on others on the team to fix their mistakes, especially if they get offended when the mistakes are pointed out by a mere volunteer.
Some of the mistakes made it to print, so much for their crack “editing team.”


Totally agree, I don’t understand how is possible to reach this situation

And the AI card says Gatorclaw Glaws, I suppose it is Claws, I suppose Claws are the 2 dmg card, and I suppose Jaws are the 3 dmg card :sweat_smile:

In the achievement table, ‘It is Good to be the Queen’ and ‘Wasteland Warlord’ have exactly the same requirements, winning 5 games with a Nukalurk force

Nukalurks, all of them, are missing from the cap cost PDF. Are they now just intended to be the same cost as regular mirelurks and we’re supposed to ignore the costs in the wave 9 book?

Wave 7 cards are all still broken(ghule icons, double health on jake…) They fixed them for a short perioud and seem to lost the fixes…

The new Revised cards PDF, wich supposedly has the cards corrected, still has the cards with the same mistakes after years and years😅.
Why do you still put in there the Survivor reference card wrong about the strong armor tokens? And the Mutant hound fiend unit card with 1 rad armor?
This is getting worse, it would be better just having the unit PDF and the errata PDF wich corrects everything than having this Revised cards PDF wich only adds more confusion instead of getting the cards neat…