Wave 4 Card Musings

There are a few things on the wave 4 cards that seem a bit off to me.

  1. The Mirelurk Queen has less Health than the SM Behemoth yet they are comparable in the video game
  2. The Mirelurk Queen does not have Always Equipped: Queen Acid Attack
  3. Colonel Autumn does not have Always Equipped for his pistol
  4. The Enclave Power Armor is rather worse than not only T-60 armor but even T-51 armor.

I really wish that we would have gotten a few more weapons such as the Tesla Rifle/Cannon and Sniper Rifle but I am glad to see some like the F l a m e r, Shiskebab and Fatman finally added.

I am also curious to see if Lorenzo is part of the Survivors Faction when we get the updated force lists for wave 4.

  1. Eh, the Mirelurks Queen health is still extremely high. 2 hp isn’t much compared to their total health. Especially that you don’t necessarily have to kill those models in most scenarios. Also the queen has slightly better energy resistance.

  2. That’s odd indeed. Maybe it’s a balancing thing. The queen is already expensive and comes with one melee and granade attack. Maybe they made the acid attack optional to make the queen cheaper.

  3. & 4. Can we see the Enclave cards somewhere? I can’t find them in the download section. A playtester thing I assume?

Why Lonrenzo specifically? I’d see him more in charge of a group of raiders that he has brainwashed from afar, like in the game.

I found 'em! Only saw the Mirelurks before. This is terrific!

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I would also like to see the Enclave force list as I am curious what robots they may have access to such as Eyebots and/or Sentry Bots (although I guess no Mr Gutsy at least yet since we are still waiting on those to be added to the game).

I also wonder if they might allow the Enclave the use of Deathclaws and Young Deathclaws. Hopefully, we get those force lists soon.

There is a Leader card for that :wink:

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There is an item (Domestication Unit I think) that allows any force that has it to include a deathclaw with mildly altered stats.

Rather than the ones from FO3 DLC, my old school self would rather we can get rules for the intelligent Deathclaws the Enclave made and that Horrigan slaughters in FO2