Robot or Creature leaders?

I guess a suggestion/request for the design team - could we get rules for playing teams of creatures/robots that don’t have a Creature Controller/Robot Controller? Thematically, it makes sense for Mirelurks to operate as their own faction with a Mirelurk Queen in charge… and for robots, we know that sometimes Robobrains and others just run their own thing.

This is already done in Battle Mode, you don’t need a controller (both forces), you just play with the battle mode list, and select your leader as normal (with or without leader card), in the case of the robot list, you could still use the robot controller leader card (the mechanist), but no with the creature force list (only Alien is allowed to use leader cards, but no the creature controller card because he is a creature type)

Wait, the Mirelurk Queen can’t use leader cards?

queen could “buy” leader cards in normal mode, but in battle mode could not buy “upgrades”, so the queen could be the leader, but without a leader card

Yeah that doesn’t help me.

Well, the queen could be a leader (thats common sense, in a mirelurk horde), but obviously, cannot use that kind of cards (thats common sense too😅).
Maybe later, we could have Roach King or Antagonizer as a model, so they would be in the creature force list, and they would use leader cards, and even the creature controller card.

Well, it’d be more useful if they errataed mirelurks so you could field them as their own force. Which is what I was talking about, I guess that went over your head.

I agree it’s odd you can’t have a creature-only force, and if I’m not mistaken even in battlemode you (technically) need a controller to make the force “street legal” according to the faction card.

That said, deepening on the mission / scenario you might NEED a creature controller in order to win, because no creatures can make lockpick or computer expertise tests. So unless it’s a a straight-up slug fest, or the only objectives are search-based, an all-mirelurk force might have zero chance to win.

Still…I really want to see rules for all robot or all creature factions at some point.

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In any case, you can do it in battle mode, what would be the problem with that? You could play all the force with mirelurks, without any special leader or cards… Maybe you are looking for a creature sub-faction… then, it would have lot.
Right now, you could field all them as a own force, in battle mode

No, in battle mode, you should play only with creature models from its list (not a behemoth for example, its a creature type model) that was said after releasing the last lists, and it is normal, it is a force like other in the game. I think it is unbalanced playing a “joker” model in your list, whoever you want + creatures… Paladin Danse with a creature horde?:thinking::sweat_smile:
As always, you can build the force strictly with the models in the list when you play Battle Mode.
The problem here this is not written in the PDF, and as other times, there are some “points” of the game you need to ask or figure it out (if you look at the last errata pdf, it has an errata - Mutant Hound is not inmune against radiation damage and now it is 1 armor rating against radiation - the own errata is wrong as James said😅)
There are no problems with the points, every single battle mode scenario from Modiphius (5) could be done with creatures without any single trouble, all have always search or capture the flag or similar, and you can roll melee, search and presence even with a mole rat😅. In the worst case, you could play Alien, and with leader cards, but not necessary

Dude I don’t think you’re making much sense.

play as you wish mate :wink: you asked for rules for playing mirelurks without any “non-creature” leader, and I told you that in competitive play (battle mode), you don’t need that leader, you can play just creatures (or only mirelurks if you want), so it fits in your query. Where is the non-sense thing or whatever?:sweat_smile:

And it has sense using just the models in the battle mode list