Battle mode leader cards (controllers)

About the controller leader cards (robots and creatures):

He said you don’t need a creature or robot controller card to play battle mode, but maybe it should be stated officially in the next PDF, as it is intended (same as using 1 unit card for each model on the battlefield).
This info is right, doesn’t it?
It is normal to play exclusively with the models wich are in the faction list, as the battle mode states (you should not get a “wild/joker” model in your list from a faction you wish), but even so, there are some peope asking this question and they are confused with the other modes, they think they need a leader from a different faction to play, because that is stated in the reference cards about factions, and they spend points wich maybe they don’t want or need to build the force. In any case, it does not seem legal from a Competitive play perspective.
There are tournaments too wich are playing Battle mode wrong (or at least not as the mode or playtesters had intended) because of the lacking info about this.
Also, Creatures faction cannot use Creature controller card because the list does not have any model able to equip it, so they could not equip any creature perks, just mods

Hey @DK-dark

We will add the following point in the next errata;

  • You do not need Creature Controller or Robot Controller to play the Creature or Robot Factions respectively in Battle Mode.

Robots may have a model that allows them to take their Controller Perk, whereas the Creatures do not. This does not prevent anyone from using the Faction, it just prevents them from taking Perks. They are just mindless beasts, after all!

It doesn’t really matter in other modes - Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a narrative experience and the players are allowed to construct their lists as they see fit.