Heroic cards in battle mode

Greetings everyone once again!

Have recently dived into core rules again and bumped into this topic DEVELOPMENT BLOG #4: Heroes of the Wasteland where I saw that actually Heroic card has a straightforward wording which says that actually any unit can be heroic (not only humans).
However, unlike our bill of rights says (core rule book) battle mode doesn’t allow any non human entity to be heroic as creatures\robots just don’t have access to “upgrades” and Heroic card apparently doesn’t have creature or robot icon, so none of them can equip it. And in the topic there was something about legendary creatures as well. So yeah.

So here is the question: We have basis for the game and conditions of the battle mode (which simply could’ve been not really taken into account in order not to overcomplicate Heroic card for casual mode) who is actually right?

  1. Is the corebook right and initially it was intended that robots\creatures could use Heroic card and It doesn’t just have clear indication of that for the battlemode (as many things have to be adapted to battle mode, like Mister Handy fuel could’ve had a robot icon, but for some reason It’s in robot items It doesn’t have robot item icon but only handies can have it from the start and use it with extensive rules wrote on it. And there are several other items with the same situation.) And in case of a Heroic card it would require quite a rework. Additionally all Heroic type cards have their own category “Heroic” but fall under other categories and giving robots or creatures access to “Upgrades” would again complicate the situation. So in order to give heroic to everybody you should write special rules on the card itself and change permanently while there are a lot of those cards already and they are already depicted in the rule books too.

  2. Or Heroic card was intentionally restricted to Human models? Tho I’d definitely say we can see legendary creatures in Fo4 and after all why can’t we see heroic Behemoth, Gatorclaw, Codsworth or a sentry bot? As long as they pay the same price for the same benefits. I can see why no perks, but Heroic kinda sounds reasonable.

So would be glad to hear a definite answer about it! Thanks in advance and let FWW be great (not again, only as always :D)!


It is worth keeping in mind that ‘regular’ F:WW and Battle Mode have their own quirks. In narrative play, any model can take Heroic. In Battle Mode, there are a number of restrictions such as the addition of points and instances such as this.

In brief, both are right - Heroic usage is unlimited in narrative play, whilst restricted in Battle Mode.

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