Question about battle mode

So had a few questions for battle mode if anyone could answer them please. I was fielding out the three factions so can do a demo of battle mode at my FLGS this week, while looking at the separate PDFs for each faction it raised some questions about a few things.

1: Armor and general items such as food are not listed in each factions separate PDFs can they not equip armor items or food? Or do I just need to reference the PDF that has the costs of everything for those items like I do for picking the leader card in each faction.

2: The Tire Iron weapon is not listed under any factions PDF for possible use. Does this mean certain weapons can not be used by any faction?

3: This one may be a bit obvious but just like to check, when fielding multiple minis to the same card like the settler do I add the cost for each figure and each weapon they carry? so 2 settlers each with a hunting rifle and baseball bat would be a total of 130 points correct?

4: I have 2 brute cards and want to equip them differently 1 of them I want to have a rocket launcher and sledgehammer, while the other I want to have a combat shotgun and sledgehammer. Reason being is because this is a 750 cap game and the master already has the mini gun equipped so I can only field 1 more heavy weapon

5: I have a 3 way battle planned for control over a city table am working on if I build a item deck and put item search markers in there for them to grab and they draw a item not listed on their PDF can carry is the miniature able to pick up the weapon and use it. If Preston draws the ripper weapon card or a power armor card can he equip it.

These are all my questions for now thanks for the feedback and if these answers are already somewhere sorry for the post.

For Battle Mode, you can only take the items listed in the force building lists. So, if a food item is not listed, you cannot take it in that faction. Note, Battle Mode is only intended to be used for playing tournament style games. For the fullest experience you can take anything and would use the full points list.

At present, there may well be weapons that cannot be used. These lists will expand in time as new models and factions arrive, so who knows where the Tire Iron may appear (hint, likely raiders).

Correct, each model and any weapons/kit they carry are costed individually.

Each model can have its own set of gear, that can be entirely unique. So, you could indeed field one master with Mini Gun, one Brute with Rocket Launcher and another Brute with a shotgun. Feel free to download more cards from the website if you want to be able to track multiple models’ weapons if that makes things easier for you.

In Battle Mode, there wouldn’t be an event deck to draw from, so Preston could never find a Ripper. In a full “narrative” style game, there are no restrictions, so yes, Preston could find all manner of exciting things.

Hope that helps.

Ah yes that clears a lot up for me thanks.

So as it currently stands, no faction may purchase non-power armour in Battle Mode? It seems an odd sort of choice, as - for example - a Knight Patrol is no tougher than a Lancer, and has no option to equip the combat armour shown on the model itself.

Is this as intended? And if so, why?

Armour is reflected in more than one way in the game. So, while a lancer and a Knight Patrol may have similar/matching stats, that might not be solely derived from their raw armour. It might be their ability to dodge rather than tank damage.

The Knight Patrol’s combat armour is already represented on his card, he’s just not as proficient with it than other models.

As the game continues to develop, more cards and options will emerge and the battle mode profiles will update, but at present that’s 100% as intended.