Battle mode question

question about battle mode. it is possible to use equipment cards in this game mode? or only items from fraction force lists?
and what about mod cards? there are no such cards in the fraction force lists.

Currently, the cards listed in each faction list are all you can take.

Battle Mode is a (slowly) evolving beast so we do update and add new ideas every so often, so while currently some things are not useable, they may creep in in time.

Of course, nothing stops you playing a battle mode style game using the fully open points lists.

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Thank you very much ))
Mod cards not in lists, but they are still available, isn’t it?

We added Chems, Leaders and Perks.

No mods yet as we need to do some testing on how they may unbalance the game.

But, in friendly games feel free to put them in.

it is from page 3 of the Battle Mod book and here is mentioned Mods for weapons. it is wrong then?

That is for people that come with mods as part of their cost atm

mmm, maybe we did add mods.

In conjunction with our playtesters there was some back and forth about if they were ok or not to bring in. I thought we decided no, but that was done some time ago and I’m getting old :wink:

So, one Mod it is.