Battle Mode Updated Lists

Is there an updated set of Battle Mode lists for the various factions for FWW? The latest I can find is for wave 8. None of the new nuka units are in there and the points don’t reflect the armor changes - the app points don’t match the unit points in the various pdfs.

Also, some of the older units are missing from the list. For example, the Glowing Bloatfly is in there, but the regular Bloatfly is not. Is that an oversight or intentionally omitted?

Thanks for any updated information!

Well, modiphius said last time in their blog, that all that should be updated and be available in early February… I mean, If there are complications or anything - let them take their time. The depressing thing tho, there are no any news about that so far and it’s already month and a half from the initial time.

That’s all the info I personally have, maybe there are people who know more.

Appart from battlemode anything else is in layout according to ben. The new battlemode lists are done but need to go to layout as well… lets see when they finally will be released…

Battlemode is out now

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