New Battle Mode Force Lists?

The last that I heard Modiphius was going to update the force lists this month but I am wondering if they have posted somewhere that they have been delayed. I was kind of expecting them today since it is a Friday (when they tend to post new material) but this week seems focused on Elder Scrolls. I would guess that next week is rather unlikely for a Friday update but maybe they will surprise us with an update earlier in the week as a little Christmas surprise.

Yes, I would like to know it too, not only to see the new factions, I would like to know if the last unit&item cost list would be the same costs for battle mode units and items, and of course, what items could I “buy” with Enclave…


Yes, the points will be the same

Ok, but because of that, maybe they change the access to some items/weapons for some units, don’t?

It is definitely looking like these will not be available this year.

I was rather hoping that these would have finally been posted on Friday but sadly still no sign of them. I hope that we will not have to wait until next month for them.

we are canceled our local tournament because of it :frowning: people want to play with the Enclave fraction, but we do not have items and weapons for them.
And new point costs still not presented too.