Wave 9 Downloads?

So any word when the downloads and Battlemode downloads will be updated with the wave 9 cards and lists?

Hopes are for next week. Battlemode will be delayed as there are a lot of changes coming :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess they did not manage to upload them this week then.

Any word on this yet? The models have been available for nearly 2 months now and still no points, and total silence from Modiphius about it.


Plus here
It’s been quite a while since the release. And It was a lot of time since the last wave release. I’m not the one working on the stuff and testing, but feels like enough time.


Jup… we are waiting - 2 month since the video stream, all minis painted that have been released, really would like to use them
@Modiphius-Dom - are you still in the relevant team and able to answer the question?


Yo, general mode prices are out!

I know it’s a free product, but whoever did the formatting, there are a lot of simple, glaring mistakes.

I am using the official Adobe Acrobat Reader program on my Windows 11 PC.

On page One, in the Armor section, at the top of the middle of the page, it lists 8 different Armor Items and then it has a divider labeled “Armor, Cont.” and then lists more Armor Items. That divider should be at the top of the column like the other “Continued” dividers, like the “Chems, Continued” divider right next to it.
They did the same thing in the “Heroic” section and twice in the “Melee” list, both on page 4.

I would list the other formatting errors on almost every page, but it would be like clubbing a baby seal at this point.

Do modiphius editors not know how to use their editing software? :slight_smile:

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. It’s not a physical product, you might as well fix it.