Fallout Friday for December 2022?

I was surprised that we did not see the remaining wave 7 releases today since it is the second Friday of the month. So what happened to those releases - are they next week?

Also, I would love to know when they are planning on the next preview for the wave 8 Capital Wasteland stuff and when that wave will be starting.

It was mentioned over on Discord that the reveil will take place on the 16th. I hope that we will receive the last boxes as well the same day!

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Its soft Modiphius policy to not release physical product in December due to shipping and solicitation time frames.

We put the STLs out as they are digital product direct from us so not an issue.

So, January will be the last of the Forged minis, then a month or two break while we reprint and restock all the OOS sets from the last 7 waves… then on to wave 8 for April is likely how its going to run, but we’ll confirm as the PM and production have to crunch numbers etc.

I’ll do a round up of the year this week (I hope!) and we’ve got the Capital reveal at the end of the week.



Dang. Was hoping to get the bloatflies with the previous bundle, want more than just 3 of them :stuck_out_tongue:

@Modiphius-Jon Great stuff in the preview but I was unable to watch it live and did have one question. Even though we are not getting a specific model like we did for Ed-E, will we be getting a card for Sergeant RL-3 like we did for Curie?

Not at this time I’m afraid.