Shipping update?

I was wondering if there was an update for those of us who ordered the vault tech bundle?


I was left under the impression that the last of the orders should have been shipped about a week ago, and I haven’t heard anything about my orders shipping yet either.

Any chance someone knows where we are with shipping? And maybe a window for when we might have exact shipping dates? I’m from the United States if that makes any difference.

Would love to have an update on this front.

Last i heard any kit with the robots has been delayed, the cards were lost. They should have came in this week and be getting shipped out. Then the resin terrain has also been delayed which I haven’t seen any dates for.

Someone from the US just posted yesterday on the sub-reddit r/wastelandwarfare that they rec’d the starter box and BoS boxes. So shippments ARE arriving in the US…

Last I heard robots and cards were set to arrive today, with the terrain arriving monday. If this is still the case, we can expect all orders to start shipping mid-to-late next week, in the order in which they were placed.

That being said, it does feel like I have been told “all orders will be shipping late next week” for about the last month, only to be delayed. Not their fault I know, but living in Australia means I likely won’t see my pre-order before the game is being sold in stores.

Yeah, some of the orders shipped. There were delays with certain sets, last i heard the were supposed to be in early this week but that was early last week.

I doubt anyone that ordered the 2 player box set in resin will have anything ship till next week. The email that was posted last week had a list of things that was still needed to fulfill orders and suggested that the last of those items would come in this week. Modiphius has had a history of taking a week to sort through new items before they start shipping orders out. Now who knows if any of this has any meaning, considering we were told that back in May everything but the the 2 player PVC set was done and ready for shipping, and we now know that was false.

I would have liked to have my stuff before the labor day holiday, but I know that is not possible. My greatest concern at the moment is model quality. I have seen some unboxing videos and there are some sever quality control issues. I hope the video was a rare situation, but there is no way to know for certain.

Chris posted this earlier today.

Hi folks, i’m back in the office but waiting on order updates from the warehouse and confirmations of deliveries from our warehouse to give everyone a better picture. It might have to be tomorrow morning so please bear with us. This includes making sure ‘it’s arriving today’ means it actually arrived today. I’ll also be including images from the Launch event, and the info on Wave 2 that I gave out.

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Thanks for posting that Steve, where was that posted from?

That was on FaceBook.

Thanks again for posting that update, it can be hard too keep track of all the different places things are posted. Just one more quick question. Are the retail releases going to be held up by these delays?

Retail orders will go out as soon as all the direct orders have shipped.

There are people finding copies on shelves in stores now, multiple posts on the facebook page

Stll waiting for my Vault Tec Bundle too. Wish we’d get some news.

I think I may have just gotten shipping notice for my Vault Dweller Bundle. Nothing from Modiphius itself but I did get a notice from GamesQuest for a roughly 12lbs package being shipped to me (in US) from the UK. I have another order from the UK that this might also be instead. According to someone on DakkaDakka, Modiphius uses GamesQuest to ship. Have to wait and see but I’m guessing this may be it.

We do indeed use Game Quest for shipping. Unfortunately that’s all I can verify for you.

So the update was just another “start shipping later next week” promise, Same as every week for the past month? Meanwhile, the game is being sold off the shelf in multiple stores.

Heh, hey I pre ordered in October 2017, have an email saying January 18 was the likely ship date. Have since gone through all stages of grief and now find exeptance is the best way to handle the delays.

Bless the hard working packers and shipping team. I know what fullfuilment on 7k+ orders looks like for a small team and man it’s no easy task trust me.

Give them our love Steve.

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I ordered within an hour of the preorder going live, and I’m likely going to be one of the last to get it, despite numerous claims of distributing in the purchase order.
I understand that it’s a lot of orders, but I’m complaining about how it was handled, not the speed in which they have sent them out. Hell, Most communication came through an unofficial facebook fan page that many don’t know exists.
This wasn’t a kickstarter and modiphius is not a new upstart company, they are well established and knew how big the fallout license would be when they took it on.

I understood the delays, not a problem, that happens. I understood when they started shipping the normal starter set, no point it laying around waiting for the rest. I understood when other items started shipping, same principle, move the product while it’s there, I can wait. But it is now on the shelf in stores, after repeatedly claiming that direct orders would all be shipped before that happened.

Don’t misunderstand me though, I have no problem with those packing the orders, or the people minding these forums, they are great and doing a fantastic job. And don’t think I’m not excited to play and paint the game when it comes in, I wouldn’t be frustrated if I didn’t care.
I just feel that the overall communication and delivery has been handled poorly, especially for those of us that ordered the vault tec complete package early on during the pre-order.

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Yeah… unfortunately that last shipping update dashed my hopes; I had upgraded to the resin starter (and apparently didn’t realize that excluded the Deathclaw? :frowning: ) so those haven’t started shipping yet at all. Ah well, guess I’ll make some scenery in the meantime and live vicariously through those that post videos.