Update on the partial shipping of vault tech complete packages

Has there been any more word of the vault tech complete package shipping? The email said they were shipping the available items last friday and then sending the remaining sets when they had them all together, but I haven’t recieved a shipping notice and my order statues still says “unfulfilled”

Where are you seeing your order status?

I checked the orders tab on the modiphius account page

Yeah, I live in Australia and even if it did ship friday I most likely won’t see it for 2-3 weeks. However, all signs so far point to shipping having not started friday regardless. If this is the case, I’ll be lucky to see my order before october, and that’s well after the retail release date

I don’t believe everything will be available from retailers though. And your order (assuming pre-march 1st) will still go out before anyone else. I ordered the robots, turrets, and creatures a few weeks back and those won’t arrive until after my Dweller package arrives since I added that order after the pre-order cut-off. You’re still getting things before everyone else, just not the base pvc game and the few other items retailers have access to.

On Thursday I received a message saying that two of my orders would be shipped on Friday, but never heard a shipping announcement either. I have however heard from a couple of people online say that their packages showed up without any shipping notification, so I’d assume this is the same thing that’s happening with everyone else. Shipped but not notified.

I also sent a message their way and got a reply about where the packages were being shipped from. It sounds like orders are being shipped from the UK at the moment. So if you’re from the UK, then you’ll probably see shipments that were mailed on Friday some time soon. If you’re from the US (I’m speaking from experience here.) then the wait time is probably going to be 2-3 weeks before they arrive.

And just for giggles, since I had some money sat off to the side for Wave 2, and Wave 1 hasn’t arrived yet and Wave 2 hasn’t been put up for preorder, I went ahead and spent that money on some terrain from TTCombat instead (I’ll set something aside again for Wave 2 next month.). Since that’s coming from the UK as well, I’ve got a bet going with a friend as to which order will arrive first. :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, I placed an order w/Battle Systems about two weeks ago, rec’d a shipping notice from Games Quest that Friday and received the package the following Friday (MidWest USA). So… plan on 2-3 weeks but hopefully be surprised :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I’m just not seeing anything like that, do you happen to have a link?.. are you retailer by chance? I did find a retailer page…

Not a retailer, using this address https://www.modiphius.net, I logged into the account I used when I preordered

Thank you! Difference between .com and .net…

Between my last order and this one, I’ll have most of the scatter scenery. Also got some shipping containers, the Ironsides boat, The Dinoco Gas station, security shack, couple of Gray Harbor buildings, bulliten boards, and some other stuff. Should give me plenty to play around with as I learn the game.

Thank you for the link, looks like they’ve got some really great stuff available that would be a perfect fit for this game.

Still haven’t had any updates on my Modiphius orders. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I get everything I ordered from Miniature Market long before I get this stuff.

Really hope they do a better job with future waves. Still looking forward to the game but this situation is very disappointing.

I feel the same way, and I haven’t heard anything either. I placed six orders, the first was in October, and the final one was in February. I’m kind of debating with myself how I want to handle future orders. I love the setting, so I’ve no doubt I’ll try to keep up with all the new models, but in the future, I may just place a single preorder to get whatever exclusive they are ordering, then wait until the models are physically available before ordering anything else I want from the run. Time will tell though, if the next wave goes a lot smoother (Without the long series of delays), I may feel a bit more confident preordering again. And honestly, some of what is going on right now isn’t their fault, if they aren’t getting product when it was promised to them, and things are getting lost along the way, then there’s not much they can do about it.

But all I’m doing now is venting a bit of frustration. I’m tremendously excited about getting my orders, and it’s driving me nuts to see others getting theirs already, a lot of how I feel right now is just my eagerness to get the models and impatience.

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I’m right there with you. Ordered the Vault-Tec bundle and still nothing. I’m obligated to do demos. Not complaining, just sharing.

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The hardest part for me is I promised myself that I wouldn’t open up the rule book until I had miniatures on hand, . . . and I’ve got all of those PDF files that I desperately want to dig into. :scream:

Oh well, we’ll all be doing cartwheels of joy when our orders finally arrive. We just need to be patient a bit longer.

It was disingenuous to send out and email stating friday shipping for the available parts of the vault tech complete kit, only to retract that statement less than 24 hours later (again on an unofficial facebook fan page). That entire email seems like lip service, a promise made to placate us without ever intending to follow through.
I just wish Chris would communicate more honestly and on these forums, it is ridiculous that I have to comb through comments on posts, from random people, on an unofficial facebook fan page, just to have a vague idea of what is actually happening.

I also wish my order would arrive before the game was offically available off shelves, but that bird has flown.

Right there with you mate. With all these shipping delays I wouldn’t say no to a one use free shipping voucher, at least then the $107.99 I spent on shipping wouldn’t feel like a joke and would make me feel more comfortable risking another order in wave 2+

I ordered within the first hour of the pre-order starting and haven’t recieved any notices of shipping yet, and both my email and facebook attempts to get an answer about what’s happening have been ignored. So I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t start sending them out last friday.
If it was just the starter sets being sent out early I wouldn’t mind at all; but seeing heaps of other people get their orders, including seeing people buying the game and factions sets of shelves, well before we are even given a genuine shipping date is just bad business. Hell, once I take into account shipping and import fees, I’ll likely be a couple hundred dollars out of pocket while also being the last to get it

Was there a new timeline provided or just a retraction?

I’ve just got the email that had said my order was shipping that Friday. I don’t have facebook, and the bulk of the news I’ve gotten about the game has either been through their blog where they’ve been showing off the minis, or in their forums. I’ve heard it mentioned a couple of times around here that the “Shipping Friday” thing had been redacted, but I’ve yet to see what was actually said on the matter.

I think a lot of the problem at the moment, and the source of much of our frustrations is the fact that there have been issues with communication. Some of us only get their emails. Some check their blog. Some only see what is presented on their Facebook, and yet others only see what can be found on their forums.

I kind of wish they’d send out messages to all of those places (And anywhere else they might be posting information) even if it’s just a copy/paste to each of those places. At least that way everyone would have access to the same information and have a better idea of what is going on.