Preorders and the "Bonus"?

Some time back, Modiphius mentioned that they were going to send a bonus for those of us who preordered. The way it was presented, I assume they aren’t talking about the Nuka-Girl figure we get for a bonus.

Blockquote Thanks so much for the patience on Wave 1, for those who pre-ordered on the Modiphius webstore before the cut-off date there will be a bonus as thanks for being first in line for the Vault.

What I was wondering is if anyone has gotten their preorders yet, and if so, what the “Bonus” might have been? I’ve little doubt that I’ll receive my own orders some time soon, though I haven’t yet received a notice of their being shipped (I was under the impression that about now was the tail end of their shipping window for preorders? So hopefully I’ll hear something in the next day.), but my curiosity is getting the best of me. I heard a couple of days ago that the bonus might be an Alien figure? If that’s the case, that would be pretty nice.

Would love to hear from anyone with a bit of insight into this. Confirm the Alien? Something else?

It is indeed the alien.

Thank you! Now I’m even more excited about seeing my orders arrive!

Any chance that people who pre ordered from their local game shop who were getting the alien as a bonus will now get nuka girl too??

8nutz, I’m sorry, but store orders will not be recieving Nuka Girl. She will be the free incentive for wave 2 through stores.

Ch4ncy is correct.

Sorry to drag this post back to the top, but I’m a little curious about the incentive models.

I got the Alien with my starter set, but I’m not sure how I’d go about getting Nuka Girl and the Mysterious Stranger when he comes out.

You say the Nuka Girl is going to stores, but I’m also assuming it will be a limited run? What do we need to order to get hold of a Nuka Girl model for Wave 2, and also what do we need to do to get the Mysterious Stranger?

Are you able to advise when Wave 2 is coming, and if Nuka Girl and Mysterious Stranger will only be incentive models when ordering items from Wave 2, or will they be made available to anyone ordering items from Wave 1 also?

I haven’t managed to get a lot of the Wave 1 sets yet but fully intend to collect them all, I just wondered what precisely I’d need to pre-order/order to secure these two unique (and very cool) models in the future?


Pretty sure they’ve said you’ll eventually be able to buy the incentive models on their own.

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Really? That’s awesome :smiley:

Something that would be nice is if once there are several preorder bonuses, maybe they can start letting us choose which model we want? Produs just did that with their Alien vs Predator line where if you made an order, you could choose any of the promo miniatures as a bonus to your order.

So for example, this next wave when the Mysterious Stranger comes out. Maybe as a preorder bonus, I’d like the Mysterious Stranger, but then I make a second preorder. Now I have no use for a second Mysterious Stranger model, but then if I can choose order bonus, then I may take another Alien instead?

This would give players who had been with the game for quite a while to get more of some of the bonus models when it comes to non-unique models. But at the same time new players could pick up some of those early models that they might have missed before discovering the game.

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Didn’t Modiphius say they weren’t doing pre-orders for Wave 2?

This is true. But they have said they would be doing order bonuses when new waves come out.

Ah fair enough :slight_smile: