Exclusive Models

Hello everyone! Just a couple of questions regarding exclusive/preorder models.

I am a bit of a completionist in collecting the models, so I’d like to know if its still possible to get a hold of the Nuka Girl model. I’ve read that you can preorder retail of wave 2 and get a bonus but I’m not sure how to go about doing that with a local shop. Are these exclusive models limited and won’t be available again?

I’ve succumbed to a bit of “fear of missing out” so I hope i’m not too late. I’m looking forward to the mysterious stranger as well as he’s awesome in the videogames.

Thank you!

I believe Modiphius plan to make the pre-order bonuses available through other means :slight_smile: In Dev Blog 6 they state that “I want to make sure it’s special but everyone has a chance to get them no matter where you are, and no one misses out”. It was quite a while ago that was posted, but if I’m remembering what they’ve said on other occasions correctly it’s still their plan


Nuka Girl is available at shows and we will be putting her into retail as part of wave 2.

The wave 2 promo figure is the Mysterious Stranger. We will advise how to get him as we launch the wave, but he should then go into retail with wave 3.

No models will be made impossible to get, so no FOMO.


And that’s why I’m loving Modiphius!! :smiley:


That is great to hear! I must have been too late at adepticon to get nuka girl haha. Thank you for the replies.