Question about the first releases and subsequent waves

Hi does anyone know if these released will still be available down the line, i intend to eventually get at least one of each set but have to pace my purchases. so i would like to be confident that things i cannot get around there release can still be bought at a later date. thanks for any responses and info give, as a side note is it ok to start a thread to share painted minis just working on the mutant hounds at the moment will share soon if this is ok.

Yes, the product will be carried in the online store and distributed to brick and mortar stores.

just to confirm they will still be available several months from there initial release dates thats good Ive already got the starter set, super mutants, survivors core boxes plus the heroes of sanctuary hills and front line knights but looking forward to getting at least one of all the releases

It was also brought up in discussion over on the old forum about the possibility of them selling individual models eventually. If that’s the case, then that might help you fill your set as well. (Some sets have identical models to other sets. Look at the Settlers from the starter compared to two of them from the Survivor core box, Or the mutant hounds from any of the sets, or the Knight Patrol figures between the Brotherhood core box and the Frontline Knights box for examples.) :wink:

I know that I for one would be excited about getting a couple more Mr Handy models without the need to get the whole Robots bundle.

Best of luck filling out your set.

thats a good point gatekeeper tho for most things outside of unique characters such as companions and named characters i don’t mind having extras things such as the hounds and other random no names as i will modify them slightly for a little bit of variation such as the hound with his tongue out i have reposed one slightly to make it seem as if it is leaping by changing the angle that its touching the base

I’m doing similar. The deathclaws for example, I figure I can do slightly different color schemes for the models (One is going to have a bright green undercoat so I can do it up as a "Glowing Deathclaw fore example. The others will probably range in color from brown to black.)

Hope you share the result of your Mutant Hound. Between my orders, I’m going to have 17 of the things (Of those, two are going to the friend who is getting one of the starters I ordered, and two are going to each of my kids. But that’s still going to leave me with 11 of them left over.), and I’m at a complete loss as to what to do with them. Would love to see how yours turns out and maybe do similar with one or two of my own.

will do just finished the first two sans bases as i am waiting on some new game workshop Armageddon dust/dunes for them. will start the second two tomorrow and post some pictures tomorrow once all four are done, if you have any appropriate basing terrain you could also have one jumping over a barrel or something and pin it at the chest for a third alternative. also as you say alternate colors will give them nice variety as well

I was actually wondering if the bases might be interchangeable between some models. If so, then that opens up the possibility of some simple modifications to help distinguish models as well.

funny you should say that i was planing to swap around the alternate bases for the hounds just letting the greenstuff cure that i filled the slots on the bases and clipped the pegs of there feet once painted and textured the filled holes will be practically invisible if you done want to use green stuff some tacitly placed small stones/rubble could work, thinking of modeling some tires and other bits and parts for this purpose

Those cleaned up nicely. I’ll probably do one of each how they were intended, then get creative with the rest.

I was looking at one of the Patrol models and the big bit of terrain on it and thinking it might be a good candidate for a “Jumping” model.

yhea i was thinking the same thing with keeping one set original then altering the others i just prefer to paint models separate to the bases so i can get to the underside easier.