Commonwealth Expansion (Wave 6) release schedule

April: Grognak, Gunners Core, Railroad Core
May: Commonwealth Rules/Card expansion, Gunners Conquerors of Quincy, Railroad Operatives
June: Protectron Workers, Mr Handy Set
July: Children of Atom Congregation, Swan
August: Deathclaw Matriarch, Yao Guai Ambush
September: Brahmin Herd, Mongrel Scavengers

Note - all dates subject to the ongoing shipping issues so may slip without warning.

This wave will then be followed by Forged in the Fire (Wave 7), we’ll be showing off the contents of that wave in the future and its a supplemental wave to the above, featuring two new sub factions and some further reinforcements for existing factions/things that have profiles but no models.

Wave 8 will be 2023 and covers the Capitol region, highlighting the Enclave and Lyon’s Brotherhood of Steel.


Thanks for the update! Is there any plan to have a full-release bundle once everything has been released?


We’ll be updating the plans for bundles shortly.

I’m not 100% certain which way we are going to go so I don’t want to give false information on that one yet.

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Any idea when we will be seeing the previews for Wave 7? I am rather looking forward to seeing what it will contain even though I have numerous guesses based on its title and previous hints from the wave 6 preview

We’ve got six months of Commonwealth, so I think around the halfway mark we will show things off.

The footage is in editing for sure :slight_smile:

A lot 9f previous waves models are out of stock. Are there plans for reprints? If so is there an ETA on availability?