Commonwealth - Every Mini Revealed - Special Stream Event + Q&A

Later today (9th December) we’ll be live on Twitch revealing every single mini and set that’s part of the upcoming Commonwealth wave.

Also, members of the team will be there to answer questions about the upcoming releases, so make sure you join us!


That’s awesome! Will there be a replay available or still shots of the new wave after the stream?

It’ll be rewatchable as a VOD on Twitch, and later we’ll upload it to our YouTube page.


Great thank you!

Any chance of some news on the Homested expantion please?

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I see Swan. Can hardly wait to see what comes out with the wave. Don’t have twitch, but will likely catch it on youtube when the time comes.

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Swan looks great.

This all looks awesome.
Not sure if I missed it in the stream but is there any word on the release date? I’m guessing before Christmas is not likely.

Definitely not until 2022…at some point…would be sweet if before, but highly doubt.

All being well, releases for this wave start around April and run through for about 6 months.

I believe they mentioned April at the end of the stream.

I love the Grognak model! Would be awesome to see the full Hubris Comics line: manta man, silver shroud, AntAgonizer, etc.

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Seconded, a full set of Unstoppables and associated Hubris-style characters would be amazing.

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