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So what’s the latest word on Wave 2?
Also, more Production Blogs would be nice.

As far as I know, this is the latest news any of us has:

Raiders, Molerats, Bloated/Glowing Ghouls, X-01 Hero armor w/Dogmeat in armor, Crashed Vertibird, Objective Markers, New turrests, Shelving, and Barricades (Junk & Military) are on the list for Wave 2. Mysterious Stranger is supposed to be the Preorder bonus for online orders.

Blog #8 lists the Mirelurk Queen as a Wave 2 item, which would imply that all of the mirelurk models will be Wave 2. But since that post is more than a year old, and they’ve mentioned that Wave 2 was being broken into smaller groupings, it’s hard to say if that’s still going to be the case. The latest blog post also shows the mirelurks with the “Campaign Boxes” section, so that may have some bearing on when they are released as well.

Enclave (And presumably all of it’s models) was originally slated for Wave 2, but since then I heard somewhere that it was being moved back while they focused on smaller release groupings.

Everything else is either listed as Wave 3 or hasn’t been clearly declared.

Anyone know more than that?

Yeah, exactly. That’s the same news that’s been sitting there since I found out about this game. It would be nice to see an update.

With the original wave, they made a lot of promises then had several things go sideways on them. They threw a lot of dates at us and I don’t think they hit their target for any of them either before or during release. A lot of people were upset about it (I confess, I wasn’t exactly happy about all the delays either. But in the end it was worth the wait.) and in the wake of that, they’ve played things much closer to the chest.

I personally think they overcompensated a little bit. They mentioned they weren’t going to not put the next wave up for sale until they have stock in hand (Which I think is great.) but they seem to not be sharing as much information with us as before either. They supposedly have a couple of hundred approved sculpts, of which they’ve shared maybe 1/3 - 1/4 of with us? They could easily share one sculpt with us a week, or every other week, or show us early production models as they receive them for approval. Just some excuse to stop in and share a little something with us every so often. Would be nice to kind of see what’s going on a little bit even if we don’t see any release dates until they’re ready to release.

Modiphius: I’ve already got some money set aside for Wave 2, . . . all you need to do is post it in your marketplace and I’m all in.