Waves 8 and 9 Speculation

Since we now know what is coming in Wave 7, I thought that I would start up a thread for some speculation as to what folks think may be coming in Waves 8 and 9. I was almost spot on with Wave 7 except for the Slog (who knew that was the other sub-faction? And I thought that the Centaurs would appear in Wave 8 but I am happy to see them earlier). We know that Wave 8 is the Capital Wasteland wave and that Wave 9 is Nuka World.

For Wave 8, which I am assuming will be the usual 12 boxes and a promo figure, my guesses are that it will contain:

  1. Brotherhood of Steel set of three T-45 power armor figures in plastic (ok, admittedly we knew this one was coming)
  2. Brotherhood of Steel set for Lyon’s Pride with Paladin Vargas, Paladin Glade, and Paladin Kodiak
  3. Brotherhood of Steel set for Lyon’s Pride with Knight Captain Colvin, Knight Captain Dusk and Knight Captain Gallows
  4. Brotherhood of Steel Hero box with Elder Lyons, Sentinel Sarah Lyons and a named scribe (Rothchild or Peabody)
  5. A set of three Enclave Trainees
  6. Enclave Hero box with
  7. Another Enclave box but I have no good guesses as to what will be in it. Plastic Troopers maybe.
  8. Survivor set with Butch, Clover and Jericho
  9. Survivor set with Fawkes and Charon
  10. Survivor set with Star Paladin Cross and Sergeant RL-3
  11. Children of Atom set with Confessor Cromwell, Mother Maya and several Children of Atom
  12. I am going to go from educated guesses to really wild speculation on this one but an Institute box. Yes, a Capital Wasteland Institute boxed set. I think it will have Dr. Zimmer, Armitage (S3-47) and Harkness.
  13. The Lone Wanderer as the Promo Figure

For Wave 9, which I am also assuming will be the usual 12 boxes and a promo figure, my guesses are that it will contain:

  1. Raiders set with Mason and several Pack raider types
  2. Raiders set with Nisha, Dixie, Savoy and several Disciples raider types
  3. Raiders set with Mags Black, William Black, Lizzie Wyath and Operators raider types
  4. Raider Hero set with Overboss Colter, Porter Gage and Sinner
  5. Wastelands Creatures set with two Gatorclaws
  6. Wastelands Creatures set with three Ghoulrillas
  7. Wastelands Creatures set with two Bloodwyrms and a Queen
  8. Wastelands Creatures set with two Brahmilfs
  9. Wastelands Creatures mixed set with Giant Ants, Cave Crickets and Rad-Rats
  10. Set with Oswald the Outrageous and several painted ghouls
  11. Super Mutants set with Rage and some new weapon option on a Super Mutant
  12. Robot set to make variants like Novatrons, Astro-Gutsies, Nukatrons, Sheriffs, etc.
  13. Cito as the Promo Figure
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I really want Megaton with Lucas Simms and Moira Brown, lol

I think that the T-45 set will more likely be a factionless set.

I sort of suspect that you won’t see more than two BoS boxes, same with Enclave. Instead they’ll leave those two slots open for something else. Possibly Zetans (There’s the official model that comes with the core box. The crashed ship, and there’s a second Zetan model that is pictured with the crashed ship that’s as-yet unreleased. So it would make sense to me that they’d release it with the FO3 set as Mothership Zeta was a bug DLC for it. The other one I wonder if they would maybe do a Megaton set, or even a Rivet City set.

Harold, or even a set of his various incarnations would make a fun promo.

They sell the Deathclaws one at a time, so I kind of expect the Gatorclaws will see the same treatment as they’re about the same size.

Ghoulrillas will likely only see a two pack, they’re going to be a bigger model on par with the Yao Guai.

I could picture your set being pretty accurate other than that though.

Super excited to see Fallout 3’s companions in action