Any Date for Wave 9 Previews?

Since I expect to see the mid-way point of wave 8 releases later this week, I was curious if there has been any thought on when we might see the previews for wave 9 (and possibly some hint as to the theme for wave 10)?

There’s been plenty of hints on wave 10 over the past few months. Some say parts of it are going to be out of this world.

Last of the photography is coming in now, so we will be doing a wave 9 reveal stream soon enough I am sure.

Its a doozy.


@Modiphius-Jon So any update on when we might see a wave 9 stream?

Bumping this topic up since we should be getting the last of the wave 8 stuff released today and I am anxious to see the wave 9 figures as well as know what the schedule for its release will be.

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So it has been over two month since @Modiphius-Jon mentioned that the wave 9 stream should be coming soon enough. Has anyone heard anything more about it now that Wave 8 is completely released?

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Heard not too long ago that the preview was still being worked on.

The past few years every fall/winter wave was previewed in September and that’s when I expect wave 9 to be as well.

They have not really kept to that schedule except for the past two waves but you may be correct. The last that I heard from Jon though they were planning on a Q3 release for the start of the wave, which at this point would likely point to a September 8th release. Hopefully, we will have some solid information soon.

It is supposed we would have news about Nuka World in Gamaexpo the past April 27th, I saw a post about this, and I wrote there asking about that, but then the post was deleted.
I don’t know what’s happening, but even 4 months later, there is no info about that, and I think it would be released even before W9.

are you talking about Fallout Factions: Nuka-World? That was delayed to next year.

Since wave 9 is also called Nuka-World it can be confusing what game people are referencing.

It sounds like DK-dark was talking about Fallout Factions but I was referring to Wave 9 in Wasteland Warfare. The last that I heard from Jon at Modiphius it was supposed to be a Q3 release with Factions following sometime after it.

Yes, but knowing this delay, it was supposed they would bring more info (in depth) about that expansion.
And yes, we should have news about W9 already, we are going to enter Q3 soon…
Where is John?:sweat_smile:

Going to enter that waiting queue :eyes:
Really’d love to see nuka world stuff, or anything upcoming

Multiple stores have the ruleset and nira listed for September. A bit strange as there hasnt been any preview yet.

@Modiphius-Jon are your still with us?

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I am starting to believe that with all the new product lines and the near constant stream of sales on their website that maybe Modiphius has overextended themselves, causing older product lines like Wasteland Warfare to kind of languish in limbo for the past 3-5 months.

Considering that @Modiphius-Jon stated back in May that they were just waiting on some additional photos to do the preview and then someone on their Facebook page stated back in July that it should be coming real soon and the fact that we are just about in September with no word whatsoever on Wasteland Warfare for months that something seems to have happened.

There are photos of the boxes and the promo out there.
The stores say September 8th will have the rulebook and promo ready to go (the Pack minis come in October).
So after a lot of time without news about FWW nor John… there is something weird here.
It almost feels like a ‘neglect’.

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And we should not forget how often stores were told a wrong release date or even wrong content…

Really strange situation currently.

What is that rulebook is?

Nuka World rulebook and cards, you can reserve it in Wayland

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understand. thank you :slight_smile: