Wave 9 Release Schedule?

While the Modcon stream was great and the tease for the Wave 10 was nice at the end, there was one thing in their hurry that was missed - when is wave 9 coming out?

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What is this tease was then? f76 book isn`t it?

The promo figure is already released. So I guess the release was today and from now on the rest of the stuff will come little by little.

And… when the cards are coming out, or the PDFs are going to be updated?
N.I.R.A. has been released, but there is no unit card to use it

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But jon said that on Monday they will release a scenario dedicated to nira with the new unit layout (profile with equippment in one place).

I think we will get the wave 9 booklet and rules next month.
Appart from that, they were always slow with updating the pdfs …

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They usually update the PDF before releasing the booklet, I would like to “know” the new units and the items


Didn’t they say vaguely that it will be out Q2 2024? They wouldn’t give an exact date yet.

Yes but that refers to fallout factions

Yeah think it’s starting to roll out now, although still waiting for the previous wave bundle to go up again lol.