Are there any previews for the Gunners/Railroad/etc?

Wave 5.5 or 6 or whatever is supposed to release next month and a couple of retail sites have preorders available, but I can’t find any pictures or detail of what each set will contain. Specifically I am wanting to know if the rules update will have the card pack bundled with like the New Vegas one and, if the Yao Guai that was teased is going to be in this wave?

They have been delayed to Q2 next year.

We will be doing a reveal video next month to announce the wave.

Not sure what sites have pre-orders and with what info as I didn’t think solicitation had gone out yet.

Rules will be book and cards as per New Vegas again, yes.

Sounds good, other than the delay.

Looking forward to the reveal.

I’m not thrilled about it either, trust me.

I will say the wave is worth the wait though!