Raiders bundle is out

Get em while they’re hot guys

Just so I am clear… the raiders boxes contain ONLY the models and bases now correct? There are no cards included with which to use the models in-game? The only way to get the physical cards is to purchase the separate card deck for the raiders?

Was a bit surprised to see that there was only a “Complete” bundle for the raiders rather than individual items. The Mysterious Stranger is listed specifically as part of the set too, so that’s kind of nice.

I nabbed two sets. I’ll be keeping all the generic raiders for myself, but I already know where the extra Heroes and extra Mysterious Stranger are going. :wink:

Looks like the Wasteland Warfare RPG books have started shipping as well. (Just the standard edition? My notice didn’t mention the Special Edition book as having been shipped, but the other one has?)

Pretty excited, can hardly wait for them to arrive!

If you look at the listing, it comes with a “Raiders Card Pack” so I assume all the cards related to the Raiders are included.

correct but the bundle comes with the cards too

None of the things I have ever bought from the site say they have been delivered so …

The cards that come with the Raiders Bundle will also have the cards for the Lone Wanderer Tech expansion, the new ghouls, the mole rats, and all the Raiders stuff. Basically most of Wave 2.

They have the Wave 2 cards and the Raiders Scenarios on the downloads page. Will we get a printed version of the scenarios?

Btw, at the moment, the Wave 2 card pdf’s aren’t working. Jon said he would look into it when he comes to work in the morning (I assume 9:00 meant 9am Greenwich).

Just checked, and the downloads seem to be working now!

The scenarios written to use the Wave 2 cards are a downloadable PDF only.

When will they be shipping? I can’t wait to get my hands on them chem fueled maniacs.

We had our first game including the raiders last friday. We played co op against the raiders and they give a whole other feel then playing against the supermutants. I quit liked em :slightly_smiling_face:

Now getting them prepped for painting and maybe a few convertions…

Mine just arrived today. If I can get everything that needs doing today, I hope to assemble mine tonight.

Anyone else tempted to turn the female Psycho with the pigtails into Tiny Tina and two of the Male ones into Krieg and Steve from borderlands?

Tiny Tina was exactly what I was thinking for the pigtail girl. Hadn’t considered that for the other ones.


I certainly took inspiration from Borderlands for this raider psycho conversion.


But do you have the shiniest meat bicycle ?


No, but I am the conductor of the poop train.

Rend the flesh


Salt the wound!

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Heh, close enough. :slight_smile: