Scenic set cards added to downloads

For anyone looking for the cards for the various scenic sets from wave 1, we’ve added them into the downloads section of the site.


Those cards will be printed in the Wave 1 card pack anyway, right?

Correct. This is just to tide people over until we get the card packs out.

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Are the cards packs available? Cant see any on the website relating to wave 1
Anyone know when they’ll be coming,as I just received the scenery set with turrets and have no way of playing them without internet downloads. I don’t have access to a printer (and wouldn’t know how to print card, double sided etc ).

Not yet sadly.

Currently the digital cards are the only other option I’m afraid.

Dang. Here’s to a release in the coming months. :tumbler_glass:

We are working on it, promise.


no cards with the turrets at all?

No turrets were in blister pack and do look fantastic but i didn’t see any cards in the pack.

np, the cards are on the download page under Items (They’re not a unit card) there should be one for each of the two types of turret and a turret inhibitor iirc)

Yeah I’ve already downloaded pretty much everything I’m missing firm the DL page
Luckily I bought a lot of these before wave 2 so am only missing cards from turrets, scenery and the radscorpions. The rest I’m happy to say I have.