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Mojave Wave initial releases

It appears that these may be the initial releases for the Mojave wave.


Really love them. Hopefully not to far ahead…

Sweet! I wonder who will come first?

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The one thing that surprises me is that they seem to be organized and packaged like the previous waves. I thought that Modiphius said that this wave was going to be different with more of a campaign box type presentation but this looks more like there will also be a card pack again.

remember a previous wave had the Automatron stuff in addition to the base stuff (The work Bench of which is now in the store)

and when will we get the BrainBot? still miss them for hmm near a year now?

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Those Securitons…

Just a great few months’ worth of stuff.

I expect that there will indeed be additional figures than these since there are clearly some figures missing based on the Battle Mode lists such as Veronica, The Burned Man, The Courier, ED-E and Rex. This wave would also seem incomplete to me if they do not create a figure for Caesar, who is also not present.

@Barracuda72 : I expect that the robobrain will be included in the following Commonwealth wave (scheduled for late in the year I believe). since we know that there will be robots in that wave. We may also see Ms. Nanny bots and/or Curie (and the other two missing Fallout 4 non DLC companions)