Wave 6 Reveal Questions and Observations

After watching the wave 6 reveals last night, I wanted to say that everything looks great but it did raise a few questions and a small criticism.

  1. Since the Mister Handy pack can apparently be used to create Mister Gutsy or Miss Nanny bots as well, will there be cards in the wave for those? Also will there be cards for named characters such as Curie and maybe Sergeant RL-9 even though he is technically not Commonwealth?

  2. How will the Children of Atom factor into Battlemode? Will they be a part of an existing faction such as Survivors until they are robust enough be a stand alone (kind of like the Minutemen) or simply not part of Battlemode yet?

  3. Since there are three rather distinct variants of the Protectron in the new pack will they have different card stats/abilities from the standard unit or are they solely cosmetic differences?

  4. Exactly how many additional arms/weapons are there in the new boxes? It was not clear if there will be 4 interchangeable ones for the 4 figures or if there will be “spare” arms/weapons since there will be more than needed to give extra options.

  5. What ever happened to MacCready? I was expecting to see him as part of the Gunners. He seems to be the only Fallout 4 companion (not counting DLCs) that is not represented in the game.

My one criticism is fairly minor but worth pointing out so that perhaps Jon or someone at Modiphius considers handling similar situations differently in future releases. The Railroad Operatives box is nice in that it has alternate arms/weapons but since it has two unique named characters in the box it is far less desirable to pick up multiple boxes. It would have been nice if Glory and Deacon were in the Core box and there were either two more generic figures such as Agents or Tourists in the box or just leave it at the four Heavies. As it stands, there would be two “throw away” figures in each additional box. On the other hand, I feel that the Gunners were done right with the Core box being just generic characters that will encourage purchases of multiple boxes to make use of those alternate weapons.

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@Modiphius-Jon : Any “official” responses to the above?

Sorry, been a very hectic week and only just seen this.

1 - There are rules for several variants in the Commonwealth expansion including Curie.
2 - They are intended to be stand alone and will be expanded in the future.
3 - They are different profiles, they are not cosmetic only.
4 - There are three sprues of arms, each with three limbs. They can be mixed and matched between the models to taste (so all chainsaws on one for example)
5 - We can’t do it all in one go, but it gives us an excuse to come back no?

I am looking at ways of doing “top up” boxes that allow people to not need to buy multiples of characters. Ultimately, we find players don’t need as many models as we initially thought, hence reducing the initial wave releases from 3 + boxes to 2.


Thanks for the responses Jon. Exactly what I was hoping to hear… well except for poor MacCready so I guess that I will just have to wait for a while on him. Maybe we will see the little nine year old version of him before his adult version.

He deserves some love for sure, just too many cool options and only so much resin time :frowning: