New releases 10/16/20

Saw the new releases today, was a little underwhelmed by the offerings. They were decent items, but just didn’t feel like something that would appeal to a lot of players given their nature.

I picked up the Organized Play Kits and plan to share the dice with pretty much everyone I know who owns the game. Curious to see what the posters are, whether they’re the same with both kits or not.

I like the fact that they have single models, but really wish they would have started with some of the non-unique models that appear in some of the boxes that include unique models. Like the two settlers from the Survivor core box, the two that don’t come with the starter box. Or the Lieutenant and Scientist in the Enclave hero box. I hope they continue releasing singles for some of them, but that they focus on things some of us would be more inclined to use multiples of.

I ended up using this as an excuse to pick up a few extra Enclave items that I couldn’t afford to include last month. Pretty excited about getting those in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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I agree that these were rather weak choices for single figure releases. As well as the ones that you mentioned how about the core Dogmeat to use as a generic dog or an Eyebot.


Also good choices. I picked up extra starter boxes as well as have models from other games as filler to flesh out the dogs on my table, so that one never even crossed my mind. Also, a Mr Handy wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

I’m hoping they might do Nora as a standalone mini personally, so I can have a go at doing a different version of her to my current one :slight_smile:

I’d love to see single Protectrons. I already have way too many Assaultrons, but not enough Protectrons.


Well, I wasn’t expecting anything big really. With releases being slowed down and the change to preorders, how would that be any different now?

I think we get Aviator and Goddard as miniatures, because they are otherwise only available through the starter set or am I mistaken? Granted, many people probably have the starter set, but maybe not in resin. But it’s the same with Nora, so I wonder why they didn’t release her as well.

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True, those figures are only in the starter set but they are unique characters and the point that GateKeeper was trying to make was that they should release figures that folks may want multiple of or want even if they have the starter set. Personally, I expect that these are going to be rather poor sellers for them and in the future any singles we see may be more desirable for a majority of players.

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I actually use Aviator and Goddard as stock troops more often than what they were sculpted for, so extras aren’t that big of a deal to me, but yes; unique characters will make them much less appealing to many players.

And in case anyone from Modiphius is reading, some of the things I most want more of:
The two settlers that only come in the Survivors Core box.
Institute Scientists (without the need to camel up on extra synths.)
Mr Handy
Enclave Scientist
Enclave Lieutenant.

And Dogmeat is a good suggestion above even if I don’t want more myself.

Their blister pack items could be a reaction to something as simple as overstock of those particular models and a desire to keep their financial situation from getting bad. (All of these lockdowns are hurting a LOT of companies, it’s only natural that they do everything they can to move product until things get back to something resembling normal.) Regardless of their motives, I hope that they do more blisters like this, and that they choose to release models that players will be more inclined to want. I want two more of every item I listed above, then I have pretty much everything I want for the game at present. In the meantime, I’ll keep jumping on new products as they are released.

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They’ve been saying from the very beginning once they get caught up, they’ll start offering every miniature as a single. I noticed that the resin Starter Set kit is Sold Out right now. I bet when they get that production caught back up, they’ll have more figures from the Starter Set available. Aviator and Goddard might have been some extras they had laying around while waiting for the rest of the Starter Set mini’s to be produced, so they offered them for sale. That’s a total guess, don’t hold me on it.

Yeah, I would be interested too, I would like to have more Institute scientist and Enslaved tech!!! I would like to play with 1 more Enlaved tech, but he only comes in the Starter set! :sweat_smile: