NCR Ranger announced for this fall

So with the NCR Ranger promo being available, a promise of more NCR stuff to come in the Fall and mention in the figure’s description of New Vegas and Caesar’s Legion, do folks expect that we will see the other New Vegas factions sooner rather than the previous maybe one day?

I’m actually shocked I havent seen more chatter about this! For now all we know about is NCR and Caesars legion, but I could see all of the FWW factions getting stuff. Raiders could get the Fiends and their named characters, survivors could get all the companions, and both factions could split the gangs (survivors get kings/raiders get khans etc). Brotherhood might get some of the unique characters from the game. Super mutants should get the nightkin


They sold out really quick. In spite of the minimal conversation, I think the speed with which they sold out speaks volumes about how much interest people have in the faction.

I expect that this forum will see more talk about the model once it actually arrives and people start to paint them. I’d be surprised if the model doesn’t see a lot of love when they start arriving.

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Good point! I ordered mine minutes after seeing the video lol. I have a feeling Im going to have to pounce on the NCR starter when it inevitably comes out

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Been lots of chat in the FB group on the vid and pics of it. Not that many seem to come to the forums.

they will get more done soon

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With four coming for my own collection, I’m not worried about the restock. I was just pointing out that the fact they sold out is likely an indication of interest.

they did say they would email people when it was restocked

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Hi do you know where we could find NCR Ranger cards!?

There isn’t any yet, it’s an early release for wave 5 if i recall.