Fallout New Vegas Expansion - First Thoughts

I just received my pre-order for the the New Vegas stuff and wanted to say that the mniatures are great as always but I am not a fan of having to punch out the cards. I realize that Modiphius was able to save some money doing such but the expansion really feels over priced for what we get since it is slightly less cards than previous waves, which we now have to punch out and a handful of scenarios.

The only other thing that seemed a bit strange was that there is an AI card and item cards for the natural attacks for the Centaur but no unit card. Therefore, we cannot even proxy a miniature for it while we wait on its inevitable release (probably in next years Capital Wasteland wave). I wonder if Modiphius originally planned on including them in this wave but changed their minds at some point but forgot to remove the cards.

It wasn’t just saving money (it would of been far more over priced without punching out cards) but would also mean pushing back the entire series quite possibly months for the shipping of the cards.

Yeah Centaurs were planned for this wave but had to be pulled out for a later one, they removed one card but not all of them. So easter egg lol.

Yup, the centaurs are a mistake. Think of it as a little teaser for the future.

Will there be a pdf file of the painting guide for NCR and Legion?

The pop-out cards are a terrible mistake. I appreciate they needed to get the expansion to customers but the quality of the product has nose-dived. I sincerely hope they release the cards in a proper deck at some point in the future.

Also, what is going on with the pose for Lt Gorobets?! He’s holding his rifle with one hand, looking down the scope, whilst simultaneously scratching the chin of a nearby invisible llama!

It’s the most bizarre pose of any figure in the range.

I think he’s supposed to be giving orders, pointing out a target or something. I agree it looks super weird though. Some of the latest wasteland warfare poses have been somewhat dubious to me, the Legion guys are a bunch of ballerinas apparently.

Been going through my pre order and have to agree on the pop out cards as well. Not a fan at all and my cards have little bits of the paper frame stuck on the side that looks messy.

Considering the issues they have had with producing the cards I’m satisfied with what they have done. Obviously it would be great to have the real cards and not punch out ones but I put all of my cards in sleeves so I don’t see the little edges sticking out. I have got scissors and carefully cut some of the tabs off and the card looks good. Like Modiphius say, do we want this release now or delayed until the end of the year or later possibly.


Jon suggested using a steel rule and sharp craft knife to cut the cards instead of punching them.

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I was pretty careful with mine and still had a couple of issues. One where I had a card not punched all the way through. Another where it was either torn before or maybe I was just a touch too rough with the package at some point where it tore a card just a little bit. There might have been more, but those were the ones I noticed. I MUCH prefer pre-cut even if it cost a few cents more that way. But if this is what it takes to get new models to us quicker, then I begrudgingly accept it as-is.

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Issue wasn’t a few cents but quite likely 10s of dollars. Seen the current price of shipping containers, pre-issues would be like $1,000. Earlier this year it had gone up to $10-15,000. And it was said that generally every $1 of cost in production and shipping can result in $5 extra for the customer…

Time was also a big problem. Their regular supplier was so booked up, they would have had to delay the entire wave’s pre-order to October (if they were lucky) for a shipping date in November and there was no guarantee the cards would have been ready by then. If am correct, they use a printer in France, the same company that does the cards for Zombicide because it was a huge hassle and expense to deal with the Chinese factory they used to use. A mistake on the printer’s part would delay shipment of the product at least a month, without Covid.
There was a Kickstarter who messaged their backers recently warning them that the cost of shipping has gone up an insane amount since their estimate during the campaign late last year. They budgeted $10,000 for shipping, a couple of months ago they were told it would be $30,000, now it’s even more, about $60,000.

Delayed until it can be done right.

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Rotary cutter and metal ruler. Push vs drag.

The way I see it, they aren’t a big company that can take a financial hit like that of delaying several months or a year. I don’t mean to defend them like this but it is only cards.

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Just take 20 or so cards into one hand, press firmly together and gently apply a nail file, hobby file or emery board to the nubs left on the edges of the cards. Works wonders.

With the current state of things, pretty much would be cancelling the product line for the foreseeable future, just to avoid punching out cards.

For sure. As annoying as the card issue is, I would rather have my models early. This range was already hit with enough delays already for as long as I’ve been following it anyways. I tried running the hobby file and it worked well enough on the unit cards but still rather irritating. Hope this doesn’t become the norm going forward.


I don’t mind the punch-out cards either. I had a few corners that weren’t punched all the way through, which wasn’t ideal. I sleeve all the cards anyways because of the finish differences between the various waves, so in the end they all look/feel the same. Considering how much time gets put into preparing/painting models, spending an evening punching and sleeving cards wasn’t a big deal.

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I have no issue with this really. I did wonder if for bigger games having spare cards would be useful. Although you can self print I never manage to get a good job out of my home printer.

Having just recently gotten into FWW and just bought the New Vegas expansion, I’m really disappointed.

-The card quality is subpar and having to punch them out has left me with several cards with frayed edges, even though I used an x-acto knife. I’m gonna end up having to return it and getting a replacement to try again.

-Something else that was bothering me, that I haven’t seen mentioned, is that the MK.I Securitron card shows the model with Yes Man’s faceplate when they should have used the Police plate, and they used the Police plate instead of the Soldier plate for the MK. II’s. I understand that this doesn’t affect gameplay in any way but it seems to support the idea of lack of quality control with the product.

-My last issue is admittedly more of a nitpick than anything else but I don’t understand why they used the NCR Ranger Promo for the Courier. I’d have preferred a faction-neutral figure. I’m just gonna end up using the Sole Survivor instead. Again not technically an issue, I just don’t understand the logic behind the decision.

In my opinion, I think the better idea would have been to release the New Vegas expansion as a new 2-player starter set. Have it themed around the Goodsprings settlers vs the Powder Gangers, maybe include Victor as a Promo figure, and have the base item and ability cards. Then release an NCR/Legion card decks, like they’ve been doing up till now.

But that’s just me.

Edit: I’m hoping somebody at Modiphius takes the time to read this and can come up with a compromise down the line.