Mojave Expansion - Please post some previews Modiphius

Since it looks like we have a 6+ month wait before the Mojave expansion is released, I do hope that Modiphius will tease us with a number of previews during the long wait like they used to with random figure renders back in the day.

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That’d be nice. I think we will get a preorder, just like the Mirelurks and the Enclave, so we will see them maybe 2-3 months before release.

Btw does anyone know why it’s mostly preorders now? Because Corona, or is that how Modiphius gauges how many sets they need?

well they did post this to the facebook group:


While I realize that they are not going to reveal everything being released in just the first post, I do hope that the Legion is going to see a few more basic units than just Legionaries, Praetorians and Scouts. I think that Centurions and Recruits would help round them out a bit. I am also a bit surprised that they only mentioned Legate Lanius and Vulpes Inculta. It would be a travesty to not have Caesar himself.

I also wonder which companions we will see and hope that there are some of the ones that can be cross usable in other factions such as Ed-E, Lily and Boone.

I also am quite happy with the inclusion of nightkin but kind of hope to see centaurs as well.

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I’m sure we’ll get a lot more than what they’ve listed specifically. I suspect their announcements are more to give us a sampling to excite people rather than give us a detailed list. I’m sure we’ll see 3-4 heroes and 5-6 generic troop types like usual to round out each faction.

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They will probably not release everything related to a faction at once, but save some for expansion packs in the future. Like Elder Maxson for example.

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We’ll be doing a more cohesive run up to launch on this, including model reveals etc.

Plenty more New Vegas content to come and it likely won’t be the last of it.


@Modiphius-Jon: While you may not be ready to go into specifics, can you tell us if there are going to be any releases for the Wasteland Creatures or Raiders in the Mojave expansions in the spring?

None for those faction, no.
Robots, Super Mutants, Survivors yes
Plus NCR and Legion.

Commonwealth (latter half of 2021) will include creatures and robots.


The examples I threw out there were actually based on initial releases of various factions. Raiders included a Hero pack, Core box, and Troop box, with a total of 10 different unit cards. Institute was the same. Both Brotherhood and Super Mutants included 8 different unit cards in their first wave and were expanded later.

I think we’ll see similar with the NCR and Legion. Likely 8-10 different unit types, and perhaps as much as a 12-15 sculpts since they often do a couple of alternate sculpts for the more common models.

So far, they’ve always released three model sets (Hero/Core/Trooper) at a time, so I’d expect that we’ll see the wave come over the course of 3-4 months, one month for NCR, one month for Legion, and either one or two months for everything else they have planned.

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I hope we get a Ulysses model, he was probably my favorite character from any of the NV DLCs!

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@Modiphius-Jon: So does your response mean that the 2021 Commonwealth releases will include creatures and robots but not raiders, which I was inquiring about, or creatures and raiders or all three?

The way it was phrased, specifically mentioning Creatures and Robots but not Raiders, leads me to believe that Raiders won’t be a part of the Commonwealth expansion.

Honestly, I think the saddest thing to me in what was said there was that no Raiders for the Majove expansion, which means no Great Kahns. Was hoping for a 4-6 model pack related to them. Might be they’re holding off on those until they get into the Fallout 1 & 2 stuff to bolster the models they can release related to those since we’ve already got a lot of the generic models from there (Generic Raiders, Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel, etc.)

Every set has a certain amount of time/budget we can allocate.

So, as I block out waves, we look into the big hitters, then work through in the order we think sensible/manageable.

While the Mojave Expansion won’t include Raiders, that doesn’t mean that’s the end of the Mojave releases.

For now, I suggest using the existing Raider rules and adding some conversions to the models (or making your own) but in time there will be Mojave themed Raiders I am sure.

Sadly there is only so much we can output each block and inevitably some folks favourites get left out.

There are changes happening as of block 6 (Commonwealth) that means we can do a bit more variety, so keep an eye out for that.


As Jon proposed - I did convert my own raider tribe - the “New Mohawks”

So feel free to do the same…


They look really good, it gives me a lot of inspiration.

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Thanx dude… if you need more inspiration, just check out my INSTA account

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@Gatekeeper: While I am also sad that we will not be seeing the Great Khans for some time, I think what makes me the most sad about the Mojave wave is the lack of centaurs. Since it seems that there may only be two waves in 2021 and centaurs are not part of the Commonwealth stuff we will likely have to wait for well over a year before we see them perhaps in a 2022 Capital Wasteland wave.

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I agree. That said, we’re getting a good range of models, so that takes a bit of the sting out of it. I’m sure they’re planning for it.

But the most pressing question of the day: Where’s our robobrain? With the Automatron deck, we have the cards to derive the stats from, but no mini, . . .

Unless it is a surprise release between waves or something, my guess is that we will see the Robobrain along with Curie/Ms. Nanny bots in the Commonwealth wave next year. Maybe if we are lucky also some Scrap, Junk, Swarm, Tank bots as well.

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