Raiders Q3? And what can we expect moving forward?

Since the raiders decided to take the scenic rout, it looks like they’ve been pushed back for their release until 3rd quarter of this year. Not trying to be a pessimist, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t closer to 4th, or even 1st of next year. (Link below to their facebook post about Q3.)

Now, I was originally under the impression that we were going to see Raiders next, Institute after that, then Enclave down the road. With this latest little incident, I read somewhere that they would be changing up the release schedule a bit, which leads me to believe that the Institute will come next.

The question becomes, do we expect the Institute to arrive a little sooner because of the Raiders issue? Or are we going to see them released only shortly before the Raiders?

Also, what are we expecting from the first wave of Institute? I’ve seen a LOT of models for 1st and 2nd Gen Synths, but can only think of a couple of other models they’ve released teaser images of so far. What else do people expect we’re going to see for them when they come out?

And do we still expect to see the Molerats, Glowing/Bloated ones, and X-01 hero in the near future?

Share your thoughts, and if anyone knows more than I do, please share!


Release schedule for Wave 2 just came out. Looks like Raiders will be available in retail in August. Institute is tentative for November. If the Institute release is anything like the Raider one, we’ll probably get Gen 1 and 2 synths, then more advanced models like Coursers, along with specialists like Institute scientists. They’ll need some unique models though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Kellogg (this last part is pure speculation on my part). Also wouldn’t surprise me if they errata’ed X6-88’s unit card to be both Survivor / Institute (similar to how Preston Garvey and Ronnie Shaw are Survivor / Minutemen).

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Where did you find a release schedule? I haven’t seen that yet.

And yes, My guess would be that they do either three or four packs for the Institute. We’ve seen models for 8 Gen 1 synths, 3 Gen 2 synths, one Courser and one scientist. If they follow the pattern of other releases, we’ll have a “Core” pack with probably 8 models, a booster bundle with 5, a “Hero” pack with 2-3 more models, and possibly one more pack with 2-4 more models (Super Mutant has Core, Suiciders, Hammer, Behemoth, and the starter models, BoS has Core, Knigts, Heroes, and Goddard, etc)

I expect their Core pack to be 4 Gen 1’s, 2 Gen 2’s, a Courser, and maybe one more. The booster bundle to have 3-4 synths between Gen 1 & 2, and maybe a scientist or two. Then the hero pack to be Kellog, Father, and maybe one more though I have trouble thinking of who it might be. But like you said, we’re speculating and won’t know more until there’s an official announcement.

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Any news on the narrative expansion? I’m getting so excited for it. Wasteland Warfare was my first tabletop miniatures game, and I’ve fallen in love with all the painting and scenario planning. I have yet to try a tabletop RPG. I may try the John Carter one they have (I just read the first book), but I’m hoping to start learning the Fallout one they have planned this summer. Do you think they will still release it in the next couple months, or has it likely been pushed back to Q3 as well?

It’s hard to say for sure, but my guess would be that the roleplay book would not be affected by the miniatures delays. Back when they initially released the game, they made the miniatures in one place, the cards in another, the books in another, and then packaged it all in yet another location. Since everything is done separately, my guess would be that the books are going done independently from the rest of the manufacturing.

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I’ve seen the release schedule posted by Chris on the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare group on FB.

This is Chris’s announcement:


But how about the X-01 mini, is that coming out anytime soon?

It’s listed in the section for September.

Could someone on Facebook repost the announcment here please. I refuse to make an account because I don’t trust Zuckerberg with my info.


I can certainly understand your reticence given facebook’s track record. I still have an account for sorting out things for group projects and so on, but I was so glad when GDPR kicked in and I could finally limit the sorts of things they recorded (haven’t had a single creepy/targeted ad since!). This is the Fallout post :slight_smile:

"WAVE 2 NEWS! Hi folks, we’ve been feeding lots of Wave 1 stock to retailers to keep things moving but I know you’ll all waiting on Wave 2. We had a long meeting with the factory yesterday to firm up the schedule we can now confirm dates for retail launches. These dates (Aug-November) are when retailers will have stocks in store. There are more surprises in store during this time, we’re developing a number of other exciting scenics to support the range which will be available online and direct to retail.

Wave 1 Restocks
Crashed Vertibird (online only)

Wave 1 Restocks (will continue through summer)
Crashed Vertibird (direct to retail)

Limited advanced release of Raiders sets and card packs online (see August).

Raiders Core Box
Raiders Expansion
Raiders Character Set
Raiders Wave Expansion Card Deck (includes all the cards for August-October releases)
Mysterious Stranger Promo (online only - will be in retail with Institute Wave)
RPG Expansion book

Survivors Character Set (X-01 and armoured Dogmeat)
Robots - Assaultrons & Protectrons
Nuka Girl (yes in retail)
Sentry Bot (direct to retail and online only)

Creatures - Wasteland Vermin (Mole Rats & Rad Roaches)
Creatures - Ghouls
Creatures - Deathclaw (direct to retail and online only)

Objective Markers Set 1
Objective Markers Set 2

We’re working towards the INSTITUTE Wave launching in November but will keep you updated on that as things progress and we’re sure our new production scheduling and capacity is working out. There will be monthly new releases as of August to support the new and existing factions.

There will be a more detailed dev blog update with all the box pictures early next week so you can see what’s coming and what we have planned for development."


Thank you for this.

Looks like I’ll be getting a Vertibird soon, and need to make sure I have some money set aside for August, that one’s going to make my wallet cry.

I hope that the Wasteland Vermin means a pack for both Mole Rats and Rad Roaches, or at least a new pose for the Rad Roaches, I have enough Rad Roaches already, I don’t need more of the pose I already have. :wink:

Thanks for posting the update here. Can’t wait to get those Raiders! I’m a little sad there was no mention of Vault Dwellers yet. Maybe next year?

The fallout one for this year will be an expansion to the miniatures game with the full 2d20 rpg coming next year

The vertibird looks amazing from the digital sculpts, great for scatter terrain or working into an overall piece.

I haven’t had a chance to see the Rad Roaches up close, but more variety is always good! I’m definitely going to pick up a pack of mole rats if I can :slight_smile:

An older dev blog post slated the Vault Dwellers for Wave 3, but I think there have been changes to the planned release schedule. We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose :slight_smile: