How Does the Wave System of Releases Work?

Could I clarify how the wave system works? Am I correct that once a boxed set/models which belong to a particular wave sells out, it becomes unavailable with no guarantee of it becoming available for purchase again or have I misunderstood how the wave system operates for Fallout Wasteland Warfare?

I ask because I am only able to build my collection very slowly and I am concerned that I have either missed out, or will miss out on, some of the models that I want to buy due to not being able to puchase them at the time the wave was released. Consequently, this is a time I would very much like to be mistaken :).

How I’ve heard it explained is that each wave will have a certain number of sets to be released. If you look at the last few months, you’ll see that they’ve typically been releasing 2-4 new sets a month. Most recently we saw the Molerats and Glowing Ghouls, before that was the X-01 and the four scatter terrain sets, before that was the Raiders. (Liberty Prime was in there somewhere too)

Each wave starts with something big, like the Raiders being released, as well as all of the cards for the wave. Then for the following 2-3 months they release additional models to finish out the wave before the next wave is released.

I think their goal is to have a new release of items each month, but occasionally they miss. Like this month, Wave 3 was supposed to start with the Institute, but they had a hangup somewhere in production and it will be releasing next month instead. So our wallets get a break this month. :wink:

And after a wave has been released they will still make the other kits, just that at release they have built up stock. After that it’s more of when it is made, shipped and gets to the warehouses.

Looks like the institute wave shall be released on the 5th of December.

Thanks for this and it appears as though previously sold out boxed sets are back in stock now, so that’s a relief :grin:.

Thank you to all of you for further information about the waves as well.

To clarify.

The “wave” moniker is somewhat an internal device. Essentially think of it as a production block.

They have a loose pattern to them (very loose in some cases) in that each one adds a new faction, new narrative cards and some expansion to previous factions where required.

So, Wave 1 was a big one, with three factions (Survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood) plus two extras in the creatures and robots (more a preview of those factions in some respects).

Wave 2 introduced the Raiders, extra cards for the Robots and Creatures plus a chunk of scenery.

Wave 3 brings in the Institute plus a new character pack and a new troop pack for the initial three factions, plus a new Robot building guide.

Wave 4 includes the Enclave as a new faction, plus a massive boost to the creatures with the Mirelurks.

So, by mid 2020 we have eight factions

Super Mutants
Brotherhood of Steel

Plus a whole wastelands worth of terrain for players to build around.

Anything in these waves will be available in some form going forward, occasionally boxes do sell out but we bring them back once there is a production slot, or occasionally remix them into different packs where necessary (eg reboxing the robots and creatures into distribution ready sets).

So, don’t worry if you are stretching your collection, you will be able to pick up all the models for the foreseeable future even if you jump in later in the game.


This is a very helpful breakdown, thank you :). I’m currently still trying to decide what to order in terms of terrain over this holiday period, as that is my main focus for finishing playing through the tutorial missions. It’s good to know that all the figures/factions are still going to remain available, as, much like in the computer game itself, it’s proving difficult for me to choose a faction to align with.

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