Mojave Expansion - Please post some previews Modiphius

And on that note, I just finished kitbashing Ada, primed her yesterday, but still need to paint her.

But centaurs are part of the capital wasteland, too. They are one creature that appears in both games, NV and 3 (don’t know about 1&2), so I think there’s a decent chance that we will see them soon-ish.

I know, there are no creatures in that wave, but centaurs could be part of the Super Mutant faction.

Yes, centaurs were a creation of the Master in FO1, and appeared in FO2 as remnants of the Master’s army. I believe FO1 even had a vague description of how they came to be created.

@Banquo: Yes, as I pointed out above, the centaurs are likely not going to make an appearance before 2022 probably in a Capital Wasteland wave as we now know they are not part of the Mojave wave and they are not in the Commonwealth stuff from Fallout 4 (which is the other wave scheduled for next year). So unless Modiphius surprises us or there is a third wave of releases next year it seems spring of 2022 is our earliest hope for centaurs.

Agreed. Given how they do waves it looks like we’ll see less and less for older waves.

I mean, you’d be surprised…

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@Modiphius-Jon: So the real question is… when are we going to see those other Enclave packs for the Enclave Soldier and Tesla sets?

They will be out at the end of wave 4, before we move to Mojave.

Looking like January 2021.