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Additional Mojave Sculpts for Existing Factions

Just wondering if we will get some sculpts that can add to the current factions which are available, for example;

BoS sculpts in the T-51 armour and the scribe robes? To reflect the West Coast and a more “to roots” look of them.

And will we see some more raider gangs like the powder gangers/fiends/khans? There’s plenty of cool styles for models there and some unique characters to boot. (Could also add in the chems from the West Coast too!)

I guess the Enclave could also get a mention with the Remnants but I suppose the X-01 would cover them, Since Frank Horrigan being modernized already happened, it might be a cool way to blend both styles for standard Enclave Troops.

This looks more like a wishlist but I’d suggest it either way as there’s plenty to explore with the Mojave, and it would carry over to a Fallout 1 setting if that’s ever explored further. Plus it’d be a bonus for fans of the older titles or those that just want more variety in how they build and theme their forces.

They’re adding Nightkin to the super mutant faction (along with Marcus and Lily), so I assume they’re looking to add that kind of thing.

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I’d also love some more sculpts for the T-51 Power Armor, can never have enough of those :wink: Besides that, my biggest hope is they’ll release models for those fat mole rats. Make them more durable than the skinny ones, too.

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Oh yeah, the other critters, Pigrats and the like xD

I wonder if Modiphius would go Centaurs or the Floater thingys.

I’d be really sad if they never did Centaurs, as they are in soo many Fallout games. Being fire support, I think they are a much nicer addition to the Super Mutants force than Mutant Hounds, who are also melee, just faster.
Hairy Molerats are my favorite version, but I guess we’ll have to wait for a proper FO1 Wave for those, don’t see them happening with this release.

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I’d be really interested to see some of the DLC stuff added too, Even if it doesn’t bleed over to a Fallout 1 wave.

Dead Money had the 3 companions and Elijah, plus a really thrilling DLC which could double as a narrative scenario and adventure for the 2D20 game.

Old World Blues would be a good candidate for a variety of enemies plus the scientists. It would be a good setting for the 2D20 game too. Some cool scenarios “recovering” your organs could also be adapted for the skirmish game.