Non-Feral Ghouls

I know there is at least one in game now but can we get some non-feral ghoul models for the Survivor side to use as Settlers? Like the ones that would randomly show up at your settlements in FO4, wearing the battered suit and fedora? They could even be run as Settlers off their AI card, just having the Radiation Healing rule off the Feral Ghoul card and immunity to radiation damage.

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I think both a set of ghoul settlers and ghoul raiders would be great.

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There’s a perk called Ghoulish that you can add that makes Rads heal you. Just add that to settlers or scavengers (or anyone else - ghouled up Sole Survivor!) and you’re good to go once you have models

I think I saw that Hancock is supposed to be in wave 2 or 3 (I need to go back and re-read the dev blog)

There is also a ghoul in the named Raiders coming, along with Putrid and Bloated Glowing Ones, in Wave 2.

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Yeah I’d love to see the settlers fleshed out with both normal and ghoul additions. They seed to get the short end of the stick in wave 1 and became the sole survivor and companions warband with only 4 settler models and half of those were resculpts of the original 2 meaning every female has a trench coat and every male has a ribbed shirt and scalf.

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They will all turn feral eventually better to wipe them out now before they threaten the citizens.



We will certainly add it to the list of mini requests.

There will be more added to the existing ranges as we move forward as well as new factions, so perhaps a settlers box won’t be too far away. Super Mutants already have another box of grunts with some new weapons options coming.

As ever, time frames are not fixed but we are doing everything we can internally to speed up releases as we have plenty lined up and know you are all hungry for them.