The creature minis (and x-01) I would love to have

X-01 enclave minis
Mirelirk kings
Hermit crabs
Mole miners
Grafton monster
Big horner’s
Giant fire ants
Ant queen
Giant geckos
Deathclaw alpha male big boi
Flying ant swarm
Mole rat queen
Cave crickets

Those are really all I can come up for now there’s a good bit missing probably. Hopefully one day we get everything.

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Well, I can’t promise you all of that… but I can promise some :wink: eventually…

Speculate away as to what is happening and what isn’t :wink:

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I would not be surpised if wave 9 had the Gatorclaws and Bloodworms as well as a few others such as Ghoulrillas. Hopefully, we have a Far Harbor Wave at some point to include those Mirelurk Kings,
Hermit Crabs, Gulpers and Anglers. I think that we will have a long wait until they revisit New Vegas stuff for creatures like the Geckos and Cazadors.

I just wanted to check back in to this thread I’m super hyped about what you guys did with wave 8 and 9 and I’m super excited for wave 10 too. Keep it up modiphius. Here’s to the future and all the cool minis and everything else you guys will put out.


Well if you have seen the wave 10 teaser cover image then I would say that it is almost a certainty that we will be seeing Scorchbeasts, Scorched, Sheepsquatch and the Mothman in wave 10. Perhaps we will see some of those others like the Honeybeasts, Mole miners, Grafton monster, Snallygaster, Megasloth and Wendigo but we will have to wait a few months for the full preview most likely; as they still have several months of releases for wave 9 to go. Maybe we will see the preview as early as March or April but it could be May or later even; since they released the wave 9 one pretty close to launch (but that may be because it is tied to the new Factions game).

They’re going to release a Gatorclaw and a boxed set of 3 X-01 plastic power armor as part of the Nuka World wave. They’re going to release a resin sprue of Fallout 4 designed weapons that will be compatible with the plastic T-45 kit and the X-01 kit.