Mirelurks + Fogcrawler

Came across these images, thought you guys might like to see them too :slight_smile:


I’ll take:
10 Eggs
10 Hatchlings
10 Mirelurks
2 Mirelurk Hunters
1 Queen
2 Fog Crawlers

Been looking forward to the Mirelurks for a long time now, . . .


haha same GateKeeper. My current story game idea starts with fighting 'lurks in a swamp :slight_smile: I think this wave might be my most expensive lol


I’m under the impression that Enclave and Mirelurks will be most of the focus in the next wave. We’ll likely get the Enclave all in a single month, and the rest of it will be split between the other two months.

Going to guess Mirelurks (Maybe a two pack? Lots of material, so I don’t expect them to package them in big lots.), eggs and hatchlings in a bundle that has 3 of each similar to some of the other critter packs. and the Queen in one month. Hunters, Fog Crawlers, and maybe one or two other things in another wave.

The Queen and Fog Crawlers are both really big models, and their price will reflect that. I doubt they’d release them in the same month. I would think the hatchlings would be used with both the eggs and the queen, so they’ll probably want to release those all together. It also makes little sense for them to release the queen until the standard Mirelurks are out.

Just speculation, only time will tell.

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Thanks for sharing! They look gorgeous!

Can’t wait to get my hands on 'em!

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Heck yeah I’m really looking forward to mirelurks creatures are part of my favorite because I like to throw them in scenarios as a neutral Faction to battle as well as the main opposing faction.

Same, one of the advantages of the AI system is that it should be easy to throw them into any game as an extra element, even if you’re playing against another person :slight_smile:

I’ll take one of what Alaiteir’s having :slight_smile: Wonder if they’ll do a bundle?

Although maybe only one fog crawler, if they’re as nasty as the video game its all you’ll need.

Any word on Mirelurk Kings?

but how would you paint the lurk’s up? Mirelurk style or Nuka?

Also don’t forget the wave 4 promo figure and mechanist

I was thinking of a few Nukalurks, the rest more traditional. If I can get it looking right, maybe do some eggs and hatchlings nuka, but I don’t recall there being nuka versions of any of the others in the family.

Also like to customize a few to have the heavy barnacle and plant life on the carapace; any suggestions on achieving this would be appreciated

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For barnacles, I was thinking about using some of those little glass beads you can get from the hobby stores.

My thought was to take a group of 3-7 of the things, bit of glue, put them in place. Paint them up, . . . .


You can get this kind of mossy material from Greenstuff World, that should work well for the plant life :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering if it’s worth putting together some clusters of barnacles on plasticard then taking a press mould of it so they can be mass produced. Might give that a go :thinking:


All great ideas! Is the GSW Islandmoss artificial or is it the lichen you can get at craft stores in fancy colors?

No idea I’m afraid, it was just one that came to mind. If you’ve found another brand/source that’s better then go for it :slight_smile:

Seeing these images, I’m so glad I just ordered the last of the models in the range that I was missing. Gotta start saving for the Enclave and Mirelurks! :smiley:

So now that we have the card pdfs from our preorders on these; is there a cap cost associated yet? We spitballed some numbers during our playtest based on existing pieces, which turned out to be woefully inadequate as the mirelurks demolished a Survivor group. Using Liberty Prime as a proxy queen was fun though.

Somewhat related to this: It looks like the release date on the Mirelurks has been pushed back to the middle of next month on the preorder pages.