Mirelurks + Fogcrawler

I have not seen the downloads on the cards yet where are they located?

If you preordered them, a download link should have been sent via email, or in your account on the store page.

I haven’t seen a download for the cards yet and I preordered the Mirelurks. I even just checked out my order history and such and wasn’t able to find the mirelurk cards. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place?

It took me a moment to find the download myself. I had to log into the store and go to that order where a download button was. Ironically, after downloading the cards from there the system automatically sent me an email with the download link. Seems like they may not have that quite as organized as they should since that email should have been sent when the order was completed not when already downloaded.

I checked the order page, but the download links take me to the stl I added to that order.

Oh well, I’ll pick up the official cards when they come out.

email customer service and I bet they’ll send you a link. support@modiphius.com?

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Whoops missed the text bracket. Anyway here’s my queen.

That looks fantastic! :smiley:

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Amazing paintwork. :slight_smile:

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