Liberty Prime and Mirelurk Queen as special preorder items

As I was reading through the development blog for F:WW I noticed that the Mirelurk Queen and Liberty Prime will be “special preorder items” and I got a little confused about that.

Does this mean, they will only be available for a certain amount of time and then there will be no more chance of getting them?

Hope someone can clear this out for me.

The only mention it has of Liberty Prime that I can find is:
“Another major campaign box is based around Liberty Prime and we’ll be revealing more about that soon!”

As for the Mirelurk Queen, I think it might mean that it will only be available from Modiphius’ online store? The post that mentions that was from a long time ago though, as they’re not planning on doing a pre-order for Wave 2 anymore. The most recent post about it just talks about it being involved in a Mirelurk campaign box they’re planning (although I’d assume it’ll be available by itself as well)

Maybe the mention of Liberty Prime I remember was from one of the videos from beasts of war or maybe I just mix things up a bit here.
Either way I hope they will release them regularly (and while we’re at it, the nuka girl and zetan too) even when it’s only through their own online shop.

Would love to get Mirelurk Queen, it would be an amazing model

Oh yeah until you make a comment about her weight and she starts spraying acid.


They will be a preorder online only and we’ll make that amount of stock and then there may be a gap before we make more.

We will keep making them but has to be done in batches.


Okay thanks for clearing that out.
Guess I should start on saving some money.

I’m kind of hoping that they decide to do multiple cards for the Mirelurk Queen. A Mirelurk Queen and a Nukalurk Queen variant for sure. Some unique variant could be fun too. (I thought it was great that there was a “Dog” card released for Dogmeat so we could field multiple figurines like that. Wish they would have done that for the Behemoth as well.) I think any time they can add more playability to a figure like that, it’s a good thing

Well you could play multiple behemoth’ with the original cards and for the “named” version from the games I would like different sculpts.

But the Nukalurk Queen as an additional card would be nice and I can see that coming as they stated that they’re planning to releases campaing boxes for the major dlcs from the games.

I thought it was a missed opportunity on their part to not do Swan, all it would have taken is a different backpack arrangement and arms. Minimum cost, and it gives us alternate ways to build/play the model.

Yeah, A lot of the critters in the video games have multiple stat sets using the same base model. They could have done Fog Ghouls from Far Harbor by simply providing an alternate card for the current Ferals. I hope that the Mirelurks have a couple of alternate cards (Softshell Mirelurk, Mirelurk, Nukalurk, Bloodrage Mirelurk, etc) as well. I love that we have two versions of Dogmeat as well as a non-unique Dog. Same for the Knight Patrol and Knight Patrol Blades or the Mutant Hound and Mutant Hound Fiend. For that matter Codsworth and Mr Handy use the same model even though the come in different sets. More options is always a good thing. :wink: Even if they wanted to add those alternate cards to campaign boxes to give us alternate ways to use our existing models, I’d welcome it (That’s kind of what they did with the Dogmeat/Dog cards.)

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I think there’s a third version of dogmeat in armour coming with the X-01 power armoured Sole Survivor.

But yeah, variety is always a good thing.
And I think once there are the major factions out for sale there will be a lot of variety and they will add to that in time.

Apart from new releases it is pretty easy for them to release some new unit cards for existing models either as a card pack or as a pdf to download.

It would be nice to have a rough idea of when this stuff will come out. But I understand them not wanting to give an estimate in case they miss the date.

Really wish wave 2 was out because I want to get my hands on Raiders and Enclave.

Raiders would be nice to roam the battlefield as AI during a game.
But first of all my starter and brotherhood stuff has to arrive.
Hopefully soon.