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Liberty Prime 'miniature'!

So this just got announced!

I’m actually really impressed with the pricing, given the sheer size of it and amount of resin that it must need. Still not cheap of course, but it gives me hope that I may one day be able to get one myself!


It’s huge!


The thing that breaks my heart about this, . . . . I cleaned out my gaming budget for the month with the Raiders. Hope it’s not sold out in the next week. I should be able to afford it along with the other new models the first couple of days of next month.

Looks incredible, it’s going to look amazing on a table.

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ordered mine already

it does say they are going to do runs of this every once in a while at reasonable intervals


Yeah, I’d seen that. I’ll have money on the second of the month, and they’re offering a couple of special items on the 1st through the 4th, I’m hoping I can order Liberty Prime at the same time.

They were also showing off a Nuka Cola bottle objective marker for the convention, I’m hoping that they offer that through the store for any order over a certain amount too.

At the moment it is only at gencon but free with a voucher, though they have said they might have them at other events they attend and who knows they may throw it into a bundle at some point

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Oh wow, I really, really want one of these! :open_mouth:
Hopefully they’ll still be in stock after payday :crossed_fingers:

I just looked it up and it’s nearly £10 cheaper than the Bethesda Liberty Prime Statue

Sigh. Why is it expensive items I want always come out when I’m trying very hard to stay on a tight budget? I’m already pushing things my limits by buying the raider bundle but this would shatter them.

Wish I knew how long these will stay in stock and how often they will reprint it. I’d like to put off ordering one until early next year.

I know that pain well. One of the other games I play just discontinued it’s line, I dipped into savings to pick up the last few things I REALLY wanted for the game. Then right on the heels of that the Raiders came out and I squeezed the budget so I could pick up a couple bundles of that. Top that off they announce exclusives for the 1st through the 4th of this month. Then the icing on the cake is a big budget item like this. Makes my wallet want to cry. That said, I LOVE seeing so much new stuff for the game, can’t wait to start putting it on the table.

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Yeah hobbies like this can be expensive unfortunately. We put what money into it we can, but at the end of the day we’ve all gotta pay rent and eat. Still, I’ve been saving for the raiders wave since January, so I’m hoping if I can scrape together a bit more then I should be able to get the raider bundle this year :slight_smile: And hey, things might pick up in the future and I might still be able to get Liberty Prime next year or something in a future run!

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I picked mine up, I also can’t wait to get the Institute Coursers as that will probably end up being my primary faction.

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The digital sculpts for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 synths looked great, I bet they’ll be brilliant to paint when they come out!

My wife is filling in for someone at a local daycare for the next two weeks. So odds are I’ll be able to sneak a few bucks toward Liberty Prime still. But if not it will be a month before I can get it.

Personally, I want to see the stats for it. :smiling_imp:

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Haha, it’ll be a lot longer than that before I can think about ordering it (my current job was recently switched to count as voluntary/unpaid), but I look forward to seeing pictures of other people’s! I imagine there’ll be some brilliant conversions and dioramas that get made up :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the stats too! I imagine they won’t fit on a normal sized card

I was checking their downloads page in the hopes they’d updated the Wave 1 stuff, or had a special scenario for it or something like that, but no such luck. I kind of hope they have a couple of stat sets for it. I was under the impression that it wasn’t as potent after being rebuilt between 3 and 4.

if it helps the ghouls are going to be £12 and the coursers are going to be £18

Could be a lot worse. I was picturing them running about £45/$55 between them.

My thinking has been that I would get one set of the coursers, and two each of the glowing ghouls.

Hoping that the coursers have cards with them. :wink:

Regardless, it’s exciting to see so much new stuff coming out. Lots of goodies. The Raiders look great and I’m excited to see them arrive, and the cloaked coursers suggest that the Institute might be right on the horizon.

No cards with any of them ,Glowing ones are in wave 2 pack iirc. 1 of the coursers already has a card and the others will be out with wave 4